What a shambles

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by andyd358, May 22, 2007.

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  1. [video width=450 height=350]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ttto8r0SR0[/video]

    is it just me or does this look like organised chaos.
  2. Dunno - link does not work for me (cut & paste).
  3. Why are 7 RHA speaking in American accents? Is it some kind of clever deception plan to prevent them being forced to re-role to flying UAVs like the rest of the Gunners?
  4. Typical SPAM trg. Bag of sh*te; actually worse than the ferkin ragheads they are meant to be engaging.

    Koontz! (Bunch of...)
  5. Trying to be fair - but bunch of spanners comes to mind. Kept expecting one of them to lose an arm or something.
  6. Am I missing something where do 7 Para come into it!

  7. Yes as is wearing American uniforms, helmets and webbing and working on American equipment.

    I especially like the ruse in not wearing para wings and DZ patches

    This is a wah isn't it ?!?
  8. Eh.. :?

    7 Para where... :sleepy:
  9. They do like the sound of their own voices don't they? I was expecting someone to lose a limb too. Interesting that the gun didn't seem to recoil in the way that 105's do in footage I've seen. I suppose it's heavier.
  10. Biggest gun crew I ever did see.
  11. Was this filmed last Saturday. Round about the time that TB was in Basra? Could explain why he wasn't hit :D
  12. We were staying at Camp Lejeune after Ex Purple Star in 96 and were invited to the USMC best detachment competition, out of the 11 events there 7 Cdo Bty won 8 of them including the race to get their own equipment in and out of action!

    Howver they did massively kick our ass at basketball!
  13. In BLMF mid 90s I was working with a septic AMIB group, when they discovered that we had a sports league with different sports they challenged us to a game of "hoops".

    Considering most of them were a group foot higher than us and of African Extraction, we didn't hold up much chance of winning. That was before they saw the game before ours which was a little more physical in a contact way than they were used to they promptly abandoned the match and buggered off
  14. the yanks have a 10 man det to operate the M777, "IF" we get it, we will do with 5.