What a result. Give that dog a medal!

What a result, just in on the BBC live coverage website. I wonder if we can get this dog a medal? One down, too many to go.

Hero Dog fights personal election war.

1545: The Labour candidate for Bootle on Merseyside has had the tip of his finger bitten off by a dog while out campaigning. Joe Benton, 77, was taken to hospital after the animal bit him as he pushed an election leaflet through a letter box. Mr Benton has been unable to vote for himself as a result and will not be able to attend tonight's count.

If they lose the seat by one vote i shall laugh so bloody loud.


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I went out delivering leaflets once (until I got fed up with the retarded intellect of the local Ward committee). I was VERY careful only to put paper through letterboxes, not fingers (it's not rocket science). Sometimes one could hear the canine inside revving up. On occasion one could hear an almighty thump as said canine crashed full toss into the door. I have been unable to work out how dogs don't learn from experience not to do this. Maybe they hang in there for the odd finger savoured from a lucky strike long ago..
Perhaps this one just knew it was a NU liarbour candidate so deliberately kept schtumm......................... dont underestimate the average Mutt!
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