what a refreshing change


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a minority religious group respond to a knockback intelligently and reasonably without resorting to threatening others unless they get their way...

'Sikhs have been using 69 Cherwell Drive in Marston as a place to meet and pray for nearly three years.
But the city council has turned down a retrospective application for consent to use the house as a place of worship.
The council said it received dozens of objections from residents worried about parking and noise. Worshippers have six months to lodge an appeal.
Kulwinder Kaur, who prays at the temple, said: "We're frustrated by the council's decision because we've been trying to have this house for many years - now we have nowhere to go."
Another member of the Oxford Sikh community, Pargan Singh Mattu, said: "We have just got this place to the stage where we can practise our religion.
"Now we're told it has to be closed within six months. It's shocked us all.
"We'll try and go back to the council, and if they can find somewhere suitable we will be grateful." '

Dont they know they'll never get anywhere in this country being polite and well mannered?? It's a Labour authority as well - make a few death threats against the infidel devils who had the temeritry to say 'no' and I'm sure they'd be in a custom built no expense spared temple within weeks... ;)

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"Worried about parking and noise"

So they didn't notice for the last 3 years then? :roll:

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