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What a Pillock!

It appears Ashley Cole the former husband of the nations favorite Geordie (divorced because his trousers kept running off)
Decided to liven up his day by bringing a .22 to chelsea training ground and had a bit of a laugh until whoops he accidently shot a student and worst the student survived and is doing fine.
More than fine in fact imagine the huge grin on he's probably got on his face while he thinks about the compensation payout.
Bet an army of ambulance chasers have blocked the ward doors as they all fight to try and get to him first.

Ashley Cole accidentally shoots student after 'larking about' with air rifle at Chelsea's training ground | Mail Online


Book Reviewer
How stupid can one man get? X rated photo's by mobile to some whore, philandering, cheating on a 'stunner' (courtesy of The Sun) and now poor range admin?

He's not even a good left back for fucks sake.
Cole aside, what about the write up.

Quote: 'The incident is believed to have happened last Sunday morning when £110,00-a-week Cole, 30, arrived for training at the Chelsea's Cobham training ground in Surrey holding the weapon, complete with a muzzle and nightscope.'

Wow, it's got a muzzle - who'd have thought that!

There are a couple more but as this is the NAAFI I am trying not to be too sensible.

Can you imagine the compensation!!! It would almost be worth getting shot.
He is lucky he has not been nicked or that it didnt hit the young lad in the eye. What a twat
Fucking cock, anyone else in the country takes an air rifle into work would get sacked on the spot and shopped to the old bill.

This over-privilidged fuckstick actually shoots some poor bastard with it and I can guarantee he'll get a slap on the wrist because he knocks a football around.

Another case of half-wits over paid for their jobs thinking they are bulletproof [sic]. Also in todays rags is a story of Beckham comparing himself to jebus. Allegedly.

Jealous? Me?

'King right I am. So fucking jealous I think I'll get me gun and shoot the twats. Then apologise.

N.B. For plod: I don't actually have a gun. I don't actually have jealousy either. They are twats though.

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