Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by auxie, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. I bet he can spell numpty.
  2. LMAO, :oops:
  3. This man is living a double life, he is probebley mentaly ill, probebley bi polor disorder. The questian now being ------- Is mental illness a defence in this mans case ?
  4. If he has any common sense he will try that line lol
  5. I just love reading 'a police officer has been arrested'!
  6. Bet he gets off with it.
  7. No, as his behaviour in this context is not a symptom of bipolar disorder or any other mental health problem ('The voice in my head told me to be a football hooligan'....don't think so), unless you class being a football hooligan as a mental illness.

    Difficult to see how he will get off this unless GMP have the wrong chap...
  8. Help make our community safer...

    errr... keep police off the streets (some mistake surely, Ed) :D
  9. That is what watching ID too many times will do to you!
  10. is this the real reason why plod want us to stop taking pictures of them?
  11. Ahhh yes fair point, but on the other hand 99.9 % of football hooligans are not policemen :!: If i were the judge, i would certanly ask for psycriatric reports before sentencing :!:
  12. I have my own tin foil theory about that.

    Quick question.

    Seeing as it has just become illigal to photograph/film plod going about their 'duties',would incriminating film of plod still be admissable as evidence to a court of law?

    Where does the law stand on CCTV footage?

    Im thinking specifically in regards to use of force.
  13. Any in criminating film recorded by anyone involving the police would absolutly be accepted in a court of law, this is because the police themselfes are NOT above the law :!: -------------and quite rightly so. 8)