What a nice lady

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PartTimePongo, Dec 17, 2004.

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  1. Just watched the Angelina Jolie interview on News 24, talking about her work for UNHCR and mine awareness. What a very nice lady

    And fit too :twisted:
  2. I've seen a few interviews with her over the last few years, and she certainly seems a genuine person. A lot of false people in the movie/celebrity business who would use opportunities like this for their own gain, but she seems to be bringing UNHCR and the mines issue to the front without the sparkle and glitter. And she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty and roughing it in third world countries. And I mirror PTPs comments, she beautiful too.
  3. I know the bloke who fitted her pistol rigs for the Tomb Raider films. Like all actresses, she's apparently a complete diva! However, the spawny git got to rummage around her waist etc. and he thinks she's as good looking in 'real' life as she seems on film.

    A bit wierd with the phial of Billy Joe Jim Bobs blood in! 8O
  4. I have a claim to fame on this as well - I made about 1000 of the 9mm blanks used on the film, as a return favour to the guy who makes them (by hand!).
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I fired about 1000 blanks, (well perhaps not blanks, but they missed the live target,) while thinking about her !
  6. While filming Tomb raider 2 in Wales her son was scalded by a faulty water heater and spent a week at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool. After his Discharge she dropped their charity, Zoe's place children's Hospice a cheque for 30K as a thank you. No fuss and no PR was involved. I,ve got a couple of mates on the staff who met her and had only good things to say.
  7. 'Warning, Tone lowereing'

    I was walking down the road one night and this bird offered to 'blow my legs up'. To my suprise, it was none other than Angelina Jolie. Clearly I told her that I did not wish to prop up her movie career by being some sort of tabloid headline. Instead I offered to video her playing 'hunt the vibrator' with a common street hooker....for a moderate fee. I may add, she didnt oblige. I was very disapointed and despite her appearing to be a 'good egg' on the charity front, she didnt impress me.

    I did however thing that she was 'a nice lady' as she bought the local mad glue sniffing tramp a BMW 7 series with GPS and a 12 month warranty.
  8. Zoes Place is a wonderful charity, it's a baby hospice. When I was a stab we did a charity event for them. We pulled an old 25 pound field gun, about 2 tonnes, from Brookside Close to Corronation Street. It was started by Jennifer Ellison, sweet! Virtually all the money we made was donated at the Liverpool end as soon as we got toward Tyldsley on the outskitrts of Manchester we got sweet FA in donations!
  9. LOL at least you admit to it :D