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What a Mess...In Need of a Serious Talking to...Advice Very Much Appreciated

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Trying and failing get into one of the worlds most hardcore units is failing.

Hmmmm, a sign of the times and changing perspectives.

To older gits like you, me and others, to try and subsequently not succeed was - A fail.

2 x conversations with 2 different ( alleged ) unsuccessful selection attendees - They did not fail ( apparently ) they had personal issues.

The word fail has been consigned to history and replaced with the words '' personal issue '' or some such sh1te.
I knew one who did Artists and was invited over to RMR. He joked that selection for his part of RMR took an hour, which included a warm brew...............but then he got extra speshul shit at Poole to make up for it. He held the time record for the Devizes to Westminster canoe race for a while, sound bloke........RIP Steve.
I think he went to RMR shakeys via 289 Commando Bty RA (V), although starting off in the Chelsea Chindits if you are talking about S.T. the stunt man.


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EDIT: You fcking savages. Since I now know where the line stands I feel confident in saying I respectfully decline much of your advice. I'm sticking with the Royal Marines. I know I can do it, if I didn't, I wouldn't pursue it. If I went with the Army I believe I'd always have the label in my head of "failed marine" looming over me. Another great comment was, "Every man thinks meanly of himself, for not having been a soldier or not having been at sea." This struck me quite deeply. I know what I need to do, and I know I can do it. Obviously it is difficult for many of you to gauge a decent understanding of a person from a single blog post. I don't think I'm some hoofing amazing bloke, I don't want to be "somebody", I just want to do something meaningful with my life and the RM ticks all those boxes. You have made me see this more clearly with the negativity, bar some positive and helpful responses.
You’ve seemingly got a big enough chip on your shoulder to make it as a Marine.

So stick at it, maybe they’ll make the course easier if you hang around long enough.
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