What a man wants for Christmas! TOP FIVE

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by skintboymike, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. In no particular order;

    1. A dirty scutter who will wait on me hand and foot, put out whenever I fancy a shag, cook amazing meals 24/7, and not whinge when I bring other birds back for threesomes.

    2. Erm....

    3. Hmm, tough one this.

    4. Actually, that'll just about do it for this year.

    5. Oh, and a PS3.

    PS: Aqua-Calda; Your list sucks donkey's balls. Get a life. And a job. ;)
  2. Huge natural norks and a nymphomaniac millionaire Mum and a Dad who owns a brewery and is looking for someone to take it over and to leave his billions to.
  3. 5. Seal clubbing holiday to northern Canada. All expenses paid of course.

    4. A button on the keyboard which immediately kills the dullard authors of the innumerable posts of here which bore me to tears.

    3. Money. Lots of it.

    2. Your ideal woman. Whatever she may be.

    1. Labour government dead.
  4. Now that's more like it, what us blokes want in a woman.

    1. The "bod" or at least clean, presentable and willing :eek:

    2. The one I might end up with this year should get her teeth sorted

    3. An invite to the floating Gin palaces on the Quay, women, and endless food

    4. Sensible and useful pressies just for a change

    5. A big win on the Lotto (feck it all and balls to work and worries)

    Aint much to ask, is it?
  5. !. A humungous amount of food.
    2. Ditto beer.
    3. Ditto ditto sex.
    4. Err...
    5. His genitals removed from that box of wasps.
  6. All of the above.

  7. You may remember we used to have that. It was called SHITLIST and you would just not see anything from the poster you had put on it.
  8. Honestly.....

    Just for once, one of those really nasty, abnormal unusually dirty sex things in the very posh stockings and thong ensemble that you thought she'd binned with your previously straight-laced missus who then gives you the once-every-now-and-again looks in the eye that means she'll let you do it again one day.

    And for her to keep wearing those boots....

    Hope springs eternal...