What a Loser!

Teenager's surgery to look like Ricky

A teenager has splashed out $26,500 on plastic surgery to look like Ricky Martin.

The 18-year-old was so desperate to look like the Latin singer that he had a chin implant, nose job, brow lift, liposuction of his cheeks and his ears pinned back.

And the college student - who only gave his first name, Martin - went through with the drastic procedures despite his mum and sisters' desperate pleas not to.

"Ricky Martin is great and a very confident person," said Martin, who was a feature of the MTV show 'I Want a Famous Face'.

"He has the hair, the looks and the ladies. Me and Ricky Martin are similar in many ways. We are both of Latin decent and we both like up-tempo music."

Martin - from Austin, Texas - wanted the surgery to give him the confidence to ask out a long time female friend Mirita.

"I have a female friend who I have been friends with for years and maybe I will have more confidence if I have my surgery to ask her out or get closer to her," he said.

"I bet he doesn't have any problem getting the girl he wants and I think if I had his face it would be easier to be more confident around girls."

Although he did not have the body of the superstar Martin was desperate to do everything he could to change his features to look like him.

The teen went under the knife without a glitch or his family's approval.

But came out of the operating room thrilled with the changes.

"I love the prominent strong chin and the ears are great," he said after the bandages came off and he had healed six weeks later.

"I'm close to that Ricky Martin look I've been waiting for."
Virgin news-Ricky Martin
Where did an 18 year old get $26,500?
Me and Ricky Martin are similar in many ways. We are both of Latin decent and we both like up-tempo music
Feck me, you're practically brothers.

I want to look more like Begerac.

Oh and well done Virgin News for not being able to spell descent. Why don't we just bin the English language and start grunting at each other you slack jawed spazzers?
Lucky he's not British or he would have got it on the NHS.

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