What a load of Bo**ocks

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by STUMANN73, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. Well guys guess how annoyed i am now!!!!! Ive been turned down in the ta because i have asthma. Im so p**sed off with this. I only have very mild asthma which i only take medicine ever blue moon! I think this is such a bollocks reason. What do u guys think
  2. msr

    msr LE


    Sorry to hear that, but if you were having as asthma attack with your respirator on during a gas attack, you couldn't really take it off.

    You could always try the ACF as an instructor.

  3. However mild it may be...it is still there and therefore could affect your performance...potentially.
  4. You'd no doubt think death was a tad unfair after bimbling into the CS chamber.

    Unfair is being forced to murder your parents, abducted, drugged and raped. Unfair is having your villiage washed from underneath you. Unfair is donating your teenaged years to fly for the very survival of your country, and then being left at the mercy of strokes, incontinece and senility without any support in old age.

    Having asthma is unlucky - if you're otherwise healthy, stop making noises like a teenager and do something to sort out a real injustice.
  5. I know this might make me sound thick but what is a acf!!
  6. Stu

    I did mention this yesterday. Asthma is one of the few no-nos.

    If you feel really strongly, you could try asking for a specialist medical interview, but it's a long shot.

    If you still can't get in, have you thought about being a Special Constable?

    You don't get paid, but it would still give you the extra excitement you were looking for.

    Kind regards

  7. I know i may be sound like a child and sound ungrateful. And im sorry about that to of disrespected any body out there. Its just i built my hopes up on getting in. Im sorry once more hope u except my appology Stu.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    ACF = Army Cadet Force.

  9. No need to apologies Stumann, I know how it feels, I wanted to join the crabs as a navigator all my teenage years, fancied been cabbied around the atmos whilst some other walla did the hard stuff. Anyway, got knocked back when I fell at the first hurdle , the medical.

    "So young chap" said the medico, "fancy been a navigator eh"
    "Yessir" I replied trembling in anticipation or fear ( I'd heard about the cough n drop )
    "Jolly good , just take your specs off and read the chart on the wall"

    I took my specs off

    "What chart sir ?" I asked confused

    The doc snorted, "good job your hearings fine"

    "Eh ???" I replied , sobbing internally but realising what the phrase " squaddie humour" really meant

    Seriously I was gutted but also lucky, I could still join as a crab, to not be able to join at all must be a real sickener

    What sort of ashma do you have , do you still have attacks ? Do you still need to see the doc for new prescriptions every month or so ?

    Or, could you get another medical in another location and when the doc says , have you ever had ashma or a chest infection, could you perhaps ...lie ?
  10. I hardly ever use an inhaler and ive never had an attack for years. i only get about 2 inhalers a year!
  11. How old are you? I had childhood asthma which cleared up when my balls dropped (they have honest!) I had to go for all sorts of extra tests but got the clearance in the end so I could join the regs. That was in the 80's though so I don't know if they take the time to bother with extra testing.
  12. I only found out i had asthma 10 year ago(22 yrs old).
    But as i say i only use an inhaler every now and then!!
    when i told the recruiting office he said there was no way around it. He just said asthma is asthma to them! from even the mildest form to the worst!! Just have to think of something else now!!
  13. Stuman

    I suggest going to the docs and getting an appointment to read your notes

    Find out when your last appointment was for asthma related things was

    Or get you to the asthma clinic and do all the tests , maybe if you can blow a good VOmax etc they may tell you to stop wastnig the NHS' time and money
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Worth trying all those tips but, if you have even mild Asthma now, and need an inhaler even once or twice a year, forget it. Sorry to be brutish, but it's one of the few things (Asthma, dicky ticker, epilepsy) that ring instant bells with MOs.

    Definitely, definitely, try the Cadets. The are desperate for keen instructors - and it's very worthwhile stuff.
  15. Can only confirm what has been said here, the current ruling is that you must be "symptom free" of Asthma for 4 years to be eligble, it can be appealed however it is highly unlikely that it will be overturned, as a recruiter i see it every day and whilst it is a shame that even as regulars we lose lots of what i would say are quality applicants due to this, the fact is if you suffer with it, then ultimately you are a potential hazard not only to yourself (especially on operations) but also for your team mates (no-one really likes having to carry stretchers ;) ).