What a little turd. War Memorial thief sentance.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sinner251, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. From Cheshire Police website. Gobshite sent down.

    "A callous criminal who admitted trying to sell a stolen war memorial plaque from a Cheshire church has been jailed for nine weeks.

    Micheal Coyle, 41, of Mellock Lane, Little Neston pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods when he appeared before Magistrates in Chester last week. Coyle was arrested by officers from Cheshire Police in August after a copper panel inscribed with names of fallen war heroes was stolen from Christ Church in Willaston on July 30th.

    Subsequent investigation by police revealed that Coyle had made attempts to sell the memorial at a scrap metal merchants on Cedab Road, Ellesmere Port. The scrap merchants became suspicious and refused to trade with Coyle when it became apparent that what he was trying to sell was in fact a stolen memorial plaque dedicated to those who had given their lives in two world wars. Police were contacted and Coyle was traced to his home in Little Neston, just three miles from the scene of the crime and he was charged with handling stolen goods.

    Sadly, the war memorial has never been recovered and will cost £7,000 to replace.

    Western area commander Chief Superintendent Craig Guildford said

    This crime caused a great deal of anger and disappointment within the community and parish of Willaston, as well as shock within the wider community of Cheshire that an individual could be callous enough to steal and try and trade for scrap a memorial that honours the dead. Micheal Coyle′s actions were, in my opinion, abhorrent and showed complete lack of respect and disregard for those who have given their lives in conflict. It was due to the dedication of my officers during the investigation, and the co-operation of the scrap metal dealer that Coyle will now be able to reflect on his actions behind bars
    - Chief Superintendent Craig Guildford, Western Area Commander

    Todays sentence comes just weeks after Cheshire Constabulary′s Assistant Chief Constable Ruth Purdie spearheaded the start of a national campaign to raise the awareness of heritage crime within our communities. Speaking after today′s sentencing, ACC Purdie said

    It is imperative that we continue to raise the public awareness of the emerging problem of heritage crime − that is crimes such as this when a historical or religious landmark is targeted by criminals who steal or vandalise buildings or places of worship, or landmarks of significant local heritage and culture.

    The soaring value of metal during the economic downturn has meant that many places of worship have become targets for metal thieves out to make quick money with no acknowledgement or respect for the consequences on the community.

    I commend the integrity of those who report crimes such as this, and in this case of Michael Coyle, the community who come together to assist the police in the investigation to ensure that Coyle was brought to justice and will now pay the price for his actions
    - ACC Ruth Purdie, Cheshire Constabulary"

    War memorial criminal jailed - Cheshire Constabulary
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  2. Best form of punishment here would be to seize assets and earning to the cost of replacement.
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  3. If he had £7000 of assets he wouldn't be stealing plaques from a church.
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  4. Sounds like a gypsy name to me...

    And if the plaque wasn't recovered, some cunt of a scrappy bought it happily. Lock that up too.
  5. Not following that Logic, When I was a store detective I caught people stealing from all financial levels. Sometimes its pure greed that people steal for, Sometimes out of need (drug habit or to even feed their kids).
    Sometimes for a thrill.
  6. Scrap dealer reported attempted sale to police. It is quite possible that he was unsuccessful in selling it and has hidden it. He no doubt put in a not guilty plea and the plaque is languishing hidden somewhere. Maybe some nice prisoners could persuade him to divulge its location.
  7. Sure does Jethro.
  8. Mellock Lane, Little Neston. You'll find this is a quite desirable postcode
  9. Not a long enough sentence IMHO but I suppose it'll cost us less than a decent term. If he doesn't have the finances take it off his benefits at £5pw until it's paid. So what is £5pw isn't a lot, better he pays for it than anyone else. They'd claim it back at that rate if he was overpaid, so the 'minimum amount required to live on' obviously isn't written in stone. On top of custodial and financial , he should also have been made to carry out community service, cleaning the litter etc around all the memorials in his County. If they can slam big sentences on those who stole from big companies during the riots, the same should apply in this type of crime.
    Oh and on noting this is in the NAAFI: Thieving, scummy, pikey (probably), little shit. Wrap him in razor wire and use him to pick up litter :)
  10. Not that desirable if they let pikeys* in ;)

    *See caravan
  11. Has he still got both kidneys?
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  12. hey there worth 15k each, add that to the cornea's @ 30>40k, if he's got an acceptable liver you could sell all 3 and make the piky cunt pay for the cost of investigating his crime, prosecution and incarceration as wellhell you might even manage some spare change for the poor box as well and of course dontate the body to medical students make him become an all round reformed charecterXD

    why they didnt search his caravan is the real question though, everyone knows a real pikey keeps there treasure in the one place there garanteed no other pikey will look
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  13. I think you've missed the point.

    And Google "Bernie Madoff"
  14. As soon as this knobend gets out he should be made responsible for guarding the memorial; anything more goes missing he gets his teeth knocked out with a hammer.
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