What A Levels would be useful to an Offcier??

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As the Title asks, what A Levels would be useful to an Officer??

Im thinking about doing Geography, Physics, Law and politics.

and help or advice would be great!!

This is a very good combination of subjects.

However, to state the blatantly obvious about your initial post: you have failed to even spell 'Officer' correctly. Don't make the mistake of thinkng things like this don't count. Communication is a huge part of leadership. If you can't communicate or don't want to lead , start thinking about a different career.

As for a degree - you don't need one, but having one will never hurt - in fact it will help considerably if you're at all ambitious about your army career.
Yes, spelling is important, as is not splitting your infinitives.

Either an elite grammar wah, for which I salute you, or you are not keeping apace with the developments in our fair language. Much as it grieves me to say so, according to Oxford, splitting one's infinitives is now fair game!

Accepted and it's not the first time I have been hoisted by my own petard. Unfortunately I could not resist the temptation.


I agree, do what subjects you want, and then go to uni... I am doing Eng lit, History and Graphic Design...hardly subjects that you'll need in the army!
1140_Sqn said:
how do i apply for a GYC??!
There is a rumour that GYCs are being binned in the short term to save money.

In-service-degrees do exist, but there are a limited number available. If you are interested in going to university, then do so now. Do a decent degree (avoid any degree that needs to include the word 'studies' in its title) if only to save you the endless p#ss-taking from your fellow officers and the WOs and SNCOs' mess that you will have to endure otherwise.

BTW, writing in txt spk will go down as well in your A Levels as it does here!


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I've heard that GYC's have been binned. Certainly a mate who did his last year said that that was the last intake - may have been fibbing however.

As a 1st year University student, with aspirations of going as a regular officer, I'd recommend University whole-heartedly! Not only do you have a chance to get a qualification that would stand you in good stead if, touch wood, something un-toward happens to you. Also, the whole university experience is something not to be missed - you don't have to be a lazy dope smoker to enjoy it either! I've made some cracking mates, shagged some amazing girls (go posh! They're filthy - Uppingham in particular for some reason...!) and generally having the time of my life. Work comes into it as well, but everything in moderation.

The OTC will probably give you a clearer image of what it's like to be an officer - and spending time running around training areas with your mates is always good fun, the socialising perhaps more so. On top of this, going for your main board (AOSB) with a few years Military experience behind you can only be a good thing.

Pick a degree that you enjoy; avoid those with "studies" in the name in general, unless it's a really specific degree you're after (Afro-American literary studies for instance is ok, media studies is not - in my book). I'm reading English - I studied History, English Literature and Classical Literature at A2, dropping Religious Studies (I know, hypocrite! But I wanted to learn...) at AS. I enjoyed all of these subjects, but was fortunate that universities don't look down on them. I know mates who did psychology and the like at A2, then struggle with Uni as everything was different and they became very confused.

Right, I've warbled on for long enough now - I hope this helps. If not, feel free to PM me.

Nope the rumour is true, GYC'S have been binned as of Feb!
There is a whole 10 page thread on "University and Degrees- the collected wisom" in this forum if you're really interested (apologies- haven't worked out how to do a link to a thread yet).
Quick tip- if you do choose to go, and this really applies to sixth form too, do anything and everything to get involved, be it sport/current affairs societies etc, because when you get the question "So how did you spend your time when you weren't studying?" you really don't want your answer to be "umm..."


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