What a laugh!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. This has brightened up a very dull weekend . If it wasn't the end of Aug, I would have had this down as an April fools joke.

    Irish generals plotted to attack UK forces in Ulster

    "Ireland plotted to send special forces to attack BBC studios in Belfast as part of plans to invade Northern Ireland, it emerged yesterday.
    Codenamed 'Exercise Armageddon', the operations against British targets in 1969 would have stunned the world."

    "With just 2,000 soldiers, they knew they could not mount a conventional military campaign against Britain's vastly superior numbers.

    "!t seemed, however, that doubts about their ability to wage such a campaign won the day, and the proposals were abandoned."

    “A retired senior British officer who served in Northern Ireland, Michael Dewar, said the Irish would have faced annihilation.”

    'It is an absurdity to think that a puny military force like the Irish Army could in any form take on the British Army

    Full article here:-


    P.S. If this has been done already, please zap it.
  2. Was the Republic of Ireland a member of NATO? Would NATO have become involved as a member state was being invaded?

    Would have been messy anyway.
  3. I'm surprised the mail thinks it worth doing a piece on, it must have been a slow news day. This has been documented in quite a few books and is really not new- though in all fairness I hadn't heard the bit about the Irish SF attacking the BBC.

    One wonders what sort of SF they had back then!?

    Can anyone comment.
  4. Going by the state our forces and economy are in at the moment, they could probably walk into London and take out Parliament...
  5. old news. There was a plan to invade a few areas and create "Catholic Enclaves" and wait for the UN to intervene.
  6. I wish they would!
  7. I think if they'd carried out this attack, not only would the force venturing into the North have been absolutely battered, but we'd have wiped out all the known IRA in the country as they immediately become ligitimate targets.

    The back lash would have to be to take out the source of the plan & thus an invasion of the republic would have been the counter offensive.

    The planners clearly knew this & that's the reason they didn't carry it out, cos they knew they'd be opening up a can of worms & have their arse handed to them.
  8. My father was an Irish Army officer in '69, and I have asked him about this; his reply is always the same - the 'plans' to 'invade the North' were drawn up in response to the wide-eyed fantasies of hardcore Republican elements in the governing Fianna Fáil party. The senior officers of the Defence Forces - specifically the Army - thought the mere suggestion lunatic and let the politicians know this; that 'plans' were actually discussed only shows that the Army was subservient to the civilian government. It needs to be borne in mind that politically and historically, the Irish Army had been at odds with the Fianna Fáil party, as FF represented the losing side - anti-Treaty IRA - in the Irish Civil War of 1922-23.

    I do recall reading that the British Government, once it got wind of these 'plans', was prepared to adopt a wait-and-see attitude and refer the matter to the UN in the event of a cross-border incursion, thereby making the matter an international one.

    A programme on this subject is to be screened on irish television tomorrow night. [See below]

  9. As Gallowglass points out it was all in the imagination of those in "Phantasyland". I was a mature adult in the middle of it at the time and thought such ideas were the product of some slightly deranged attitudes ( deranged by hate and their political leanings ) of a small number of noisy people.
    No intelligent mind could have seriously contemplated such a move.
    Even if it had happened I believe retaliation (by the British Government) would have more along the lines of containment by minimum force followed by strong diplomatic effort. There was no chance whatsoever of missiles on Dublin or an assault on the Irish Navy.
    In reality such a move would have ensured the Republic of Ireland - and those they claimed to represent - had more to fear from an enraged people they may have thought as of lesser consequence - the protestants of Northern Ireland!
  10. I may be wrong, but isn,t Ireland a neutral country? that being so then it breaks their neutrality if they attack another country that is not attacking them. They way I see this case is that their was no threat to the Republic by Britain and therefore their supposed plan of attack was akin to the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbour, and look how that little adventure turned out.

    Probably an over infusion of Poteen anyway by the Irish Generals in any case.
  11. AN IRA member has broken his silence to confirm that Irish government ministers organised the delivery of large amounts of weaponry to republicans at the outbreak of the Troubles.

    Former leading Official IRA member Bobby McKnight, 71, breaks his 40-year silence in a new book on the organisation published today.

    Belfast man McKnight, who in 1969 was a member of the IRA command staff, states that along with another man he drove to Dublin Airport in September 1969. There he met then minister for finance Charles Haughey’s brother, Jock, and took delivery of several cases of weaponry, which filled his pickup truck, these were then transported to IRA members in Dublin.

    Read more: http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/former-ira-member-reveals-ministers-role-in-arms-plot-99815.html#ixzz0Pn2ZsoTl
  12. It was called 'EXERCISE Armageddon'. Just like all those exercises UK forces had to invade the USSR etc. Never to be used in anger, just a table-top thing.

    Some fun here.
  13. Irish SF??

    Weren't they the ones that assaulted Dublin Zoo, shot 4 gorillas and freed 10 ostriches??

  14. NTM? :)
  15. Indeed that's pretty much the whole story summed up.....FF always like to believe in these sort of fairy tales, invading the North, the housing boom going on forever and ever, same shit different times.