What a friggin day

15 mins waiting for the machine to come to life, like normal.

Then I try to take a shortcut and work on the servers ....... they all want a reboot after a windows update..

30 mins after getting into work, now on the 2nd cup of tea.

Yes everything's up and working... ah but but no, my PC wants a reboot..

45 mins, I joke I'll be making tea all day. Log onto the 4 servers.... all failing after the reboot. Quickly find the fault on three of them and log a complaint to the network department.... time to relax and have a tea. Argh main test server is still failing, need to install Visual Studio 2008 to debug.

More tea

More tea

Lunch, change of drink - pint of beer. Get back to work and find the app wanted to do a restart just after I'd left. Another tea while the PC reboots and re-applies the same policies its applied several times already today and re-installs some crap a manager wants to force onto the dev department (we keep get rid of the cr*p to speed the machines up). Send email to boss informing this .Net 3.5 Service Pack 1 is acting like a virus and our network department can't stop it getting to field staff. Answer the apology from the network department ..... argh!!!! the entire system is going down....

another tea and begin installing the service pack to Vis Studio, several of us discuss the problem over another cup of tea (and I try to remember the C# book I read a few years ago)....

Finally start debugging the problem..... another tea latter. Still not working, the old programmer tells us he implemented this software of multiple instances, so we need to tackle each one in turn......

Another tea, I turn to my boss. I think I know how to fix this but I'm already late for going home and I've nearly kicked this frackin VDU seven times in the last two minutes... I'm going home knowing full well many laptops in the field are going to be useless on Monday... oh the joys of IT

Can't wait for DII(FD)
I Wish I was a tech, oh hang on... no I don't ;) Good to know some people some where still work after 12.30 on a Friday afternoon...
CharlieBubbles said:
And YOU are being paid for what exactly?
To drink tea?

Reviewing the day I am worried about you. All that tea and no breaks to pish. Maybe you chould see a doctor!!
roadster280 said:
What worries me though is that you mention DII. The unmitigated abortion you mention above, is that an MOD system?
Nah just a anti network dept rant, just imagined the same fault being placed onto DII.
Sounds like you need a job change. I'd rather be digging up roads than doing that geeky sh1t.
Scaley_Geek said:
Sounds like you should build a test environment before releasing patches/upgrade into production.
Couldn't agree more, just the fracking Network dept tested against Windows XP/Server and not other depts products. The irony is the worst affected server is our pre-release test environment (for version control, config management etc apps), it doubles up as app testing server where the problem occurred.

Its not the first time we've had problems with the Network Dept, last year we thought our machines we're under attack (noticed IP ports being opened that shouldn't). So we launched one back....

polar69, not allowed to use Linux - network department doesn't understand it :roll:
I don't know what it is about network departments, but most of them seem to be inhabited by unhelpful retards whose stock phrase in life is "It's not a network problem" when all evidence points to the contrary.
I led a 'geek' day the other day (how can an IT dept get any worse?), the 'There's no place like' t-shirt won ...

At least the the planned 'IT Crowd' Friday has hopes, although 25% (sorry, a quarter) want to dress in drag...
i feel so sorry for him.... here mate... have a cup of tea!
CharlieBubbles said:
Fecking load of numbers to me . . . ONE's and ZERO's! Thank God for Windows!!
I though programing was a fecking crock of shite. then I discovered HTML and the ability to swear at people in invisible text. :D

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