What a dreamy headline - Labour braced for key poll defeat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Doesn't mean they wil go to the electorate for a general election, perhaps a scorched earth policy out of spite
  2. I rather thought they had been doing that already, there can't be many Toys in the toy box still working after this band of incompetants have trashed them over their term of office.
  3. I wonder if 'braced' means 'braced' as applicable to Mr. Mandelson?

    PS: In my dreams they are beaten into 23rd place behind 'Doughnuts for Tea Party' and 'Rights for Illegals in UK Party'.
  4. Can't think that a scorched earth policy would look much different from what the country is witnessing now. :twisted:
  5. The seat vacated by Gorbals Mick still has no date set for the election.

    Simply cannot think why.
  6. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Along with the despicable tactic of ignoring the voters of Glasgow (why no by-election there?) the spin has begun - expect lots of comments around: "The voters didn't vote Tory, they just stayed at home" and " Labour voters punished us by staying at home this time, due to their ill-founded concern over the treatment of their MP, but they'll vote Labour in a General Election".

    Damage Control!
  7. I wouldn't get too excited..At the earliest the election is still about a year away...for me there still isn't a real and tangible difference between the 2 main parties..may be unthinkable, but Labour could still easily win the next election...especially with the politcomeister Mandelson at the heart of matters...
  8. Sky sources are predicting a 4-5000 majority to the Consevatives
    Actual result due soon
  9. They are talking about a November by-election for Gorbals Micks seat. They were doing interviews with the public in his constituency and there were the usual "labour all my life" voters and that they were proud of his working class roots. Pretty shallow roots if you ask me, he wouldnt give them a second glance now.

    edited for crap spelling
  10. Good grief!... what more can they do? They've already completely fcuked the economy for the remainder of most of our lifetimes and Pa Broon has all-but surrendered all control to 'His Most Holy & Imperial Divine Emperorness Lord Mandelson" (or whatever his title is now!).

    :cry: Scorching the earth and setting fire to large swathes of the UK would seem like a breath of fresh air!!
  11. I am sure they could put their minds to something worse led in truth by Lord Mandy of thingummy and where ever
  12. Rumour has it the Tories have won...... nothing yet on the Bliar/Brown Broadcasting Corporation.
  13. By 4000 - 5000 votes according to Sky! :D
  14. Conservative win by 7348 votes, over double Labours votes

    Conservative 13591
    Labour 6243
    Lib Dems 4803
    Green 3350
    Monster Raving loonies 144
    BNP 941
    UKIP 4068