What a debate!!

Mad_Moriarty said:
According to news coming over the wire, the Leader of Iran has challenged Bush to a live tv debate.

That I'd love to watch...
Me too. I fancy how expensive would be adverts.


War Hero
It will never happen
I think I could put any one of my long dead pets up against El Presidente and stand a better than 50/50 chance of success :)

Bush is not a bright bloke... but he's surrounded by some smart cookies... The Iranian gadgee is a smart cookie (intellectually) by all accounts.
It is all about picking the battles that you can win....
Wow! A debate? So he can talk a good game? Against the world's foremost village idiot? 8O

He's a knob & he needs to die, & I don't think much of the Iranian either. :roll:
It'll be quite difficult for us to follow such a debate when neither participant speaks English.
Tis a testimony to Bush's intelligence that he would probably get his arrse licked in any contest that required an extended period of actual thinking.
No need for a debate, all in wrestling should sort it out.

Seriously though Bush wouldn't stand a chance, its no wonder they turned it down :roll:
Trip_Wire said:
I see a lot of people on this board accuse GW Bush of being stupid or lacking in intelligence, etc.

I wonder how many of these same people, can match his education and degrees, etc.? I'll bet not many!

GW Bush's degrees':

Yale University, bachelor's degree, history

Graduate School
Harvard University, Master of Business Administration

I do believe its well established that 'daddy' paid for those.
Don't most familiys 'daddies' pay for their childrens' education? They sure do here. Yale and Harvard Universaries do not sell degrees, one must keep certain standards to earn them. It matters little who or what your Dad might be.

Typical 'Bush hater' biased retort. Well established? Where in your mind? What degrees to you have?

I might also add that George attended the active U. S. Air Force Pilot training course and got his wing and was checked out to fly fighters. His Dad didn't buy that one either.

This debate will never happen anyway, this I agree with, so why argue about it. :p

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