What a dastardly crime.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shaka, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. Nowt wrong in that.

    Exactly what this country needs proper policing.

    Getting tough on the causes of crime.

    Oh sure, it was bread today but tomorrow it could be.... cars.
  2. Yes, but maybe there should be better use of manpower. Itis all about numbers. Yes, in an ideal world, we shold be nicking these people but I bet within a couple of hundred yards of the crime there will be someone off their t1ts on drugs.
  3. Bunch of fcuking jobsworths
  4. Wonder why he refused to give his name ??
  5. Ipswich. The crime-free capital of East Anglia. The crime figures are so low that law enforcement officers can focus on those minor, nigly aspects of crime that annoy us all. [/sarcasm off]
  6. Yes,it's pathetic and depressingly typical of life in Blair's Britain, but before this thread decends into yet another tedious self righteous Knock-The Cops saga, as I believe it threatens to do, could I just quote the first paragraph of the Daily Mail's report:

    Let's just save our powder for the proper targets shall we?

  7. Then I should be deserving of a presentation cup for using council toilets and not peeing on the seat. :roll: Boredom must rate as the top activity of the area apart prossy slaying
  8. Surely it can only be classed as litter if it is still on the ground. If the seagull swallowed it no litter? Maybe they should have followed the seagull as it was withholding evidence.
  9. Yes litter angers me but these litter men seem to work in daylight hours and walk about in PAIRS ?

    Perhaps standing by a burger/kebab van at 11:30pm or outside KFC when the pubs/clubs close would be of more benefit?

    Failing that here are 2 blokes that could be emptying the overflowing bins and picking up litter.

    Up for praise one week and fined the next?
    Oh boy!
  10. I'd refuse to give my real name to a "litter enforcement officer" who was trying to fine me £50 for throwing half a chip to a seagul. The lads biggest mistake was bad use of deception in walking straight back to his school.
  11. So the lad was recycling a chip through a gull? or would have if the Gestapo hadn't broken the food chain. He hadn't dropped his chip bag on the deck (that's how you tell if a Bristol girl's had an orgasm)? hardly likely as he's already got form for using gash bins for their intended purpose.

    Four years ago, in the seafront car park in Wells by the Sea, I threw some fish skin and batter to some gulls. It was gone in less than 10 seconds. Wasn't I lucky law breaker.

    Bugger! I can now see the cue for a shedload of buggers whining about the feeding of vermine and gull poo on cars and scenery. Would the feelings run the same if it was, say, a blackbird?
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP


    Seagull fined for doing Doo-Doo on Council litter enforcers head.

    A Seagull was today fined £300 for pooing on a Council Offical head.
    "Well,I saw a young lad feeding a chip to the said Gull when the gull proceded in my direction and deposited a sticky white substance on my issue helmet." The council official told the packed court. DNA tests found the substance to be Seagull dropping.
    The Seagull was unavailable for comment and arrest warrent was issued for the Seagull after failing appear.
    Ivor Dick (Labour correspondant)
  13. It was a very tasty chip mind.

    Litter enforcement? What next, law enforcement?
  14. They do this in Singapore. Are they all jobsworth mentalists enslaved by Blair's draconian rule, or is Singapore one of the cleanest cities on the planet?

    The Daily Mail - If it's not spiteful and petty , it's not going in.