What a Croc of Sh!t

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. French fashion house, Hermes, is bitchin' and complainin' 'cause they're wiping out a species in a bid to sell handbags to fashionistas.

    It takes, according to them, 4 crocs to make a handbag [ must be one hell of a knapsack ! ] and they crank out 3000 a year... so 12,000 of the green uglies get ' processed' into carryalls.. and hunters can't keep up with the demand...

    So Hermes is going to ' farm' crocs on plantations in Australia to produce their own 'branded babies ' for the market - would love to see the croc roundup show and the croc-riding rodeo..

    Hermes croc-sacs sell for up to $ 54,000 [ not a typo ] US a carry-on..

    and customers have to wait up to a year for back orders.!

    Didn't anyone tell the Paris Hilton-wannabees there's a economic depression and world wide financial crisis going on?

    Hope that some of the croc scrapings get turned into food for cats and poor African nations, after they're skinned and zippered for evening wear...croc teeth necklaces for street vendors? keychains?

    more evidence of the collapse of civilization as we know it
  2. They should feed the Fashionistas to the crocs, stinking french cnuts.
  3. What I would'nt give for a Hermes bag........ah well dream on.
  4. And what I wouldnt then give for a moment alone with your 'Hermes Handbag'....
  5. What about a hairyhandbag :D

    (Old, pretty worn out but can still do a job) :eek:
  6. I perhaps should have seen that coming.
  7. That is correct young, (maybe not THAT Young), padawan
  8. I can't believe that in this time of recession people would spend so much money on a bag made from crocodile!

    Support UK based business ... have a bag fashioned from a badger.

  9. A single Taiwanese kid could probably turn out a dozen handbags per day - probably about the same per year as the four crocs. I suppose you don't have to pay crocs as much as people, though.
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    What offends you - the use of the crocs or the price of the bag?

    If it was the same price but made of cow hide, would that be acceptable?

    What if it was croc but only $50? Would that make it acceptable?
  11. Well, Duke.. if you're going to go all serious in the NAAFI over this..
    it offends me because:

    A] the price - no one needs a bag that costs $ 50 bucks let alone $ 54,000 since you put the same useless sh!it in both.

    B] the killing of animals - cow or croc, there's no need in this day and age to wipe out a species for fashion.. there's enough other materials out there to make a bag suitable to carry cosmetics and wallets - [ I assume that the rest of the croc doesn't get ' wasted' but is used for something else, but I'm not holding my breath on that ]

    c] croc bags serve no purpose that to send a message of a dissolute society taken in by superficiality and fads rather than searching for durability and necessity..

    How many croc bags will end up being used two/three times then discarded as they are no longer ' in fashion' /are 'so last year ' and the dumbasses of society move on to the next pretentious statement of profligate spending?

    other than that my hats off to anyone who has that kind of cash to toss about in this day and age.
  12. Now that would make an excellent Sporran k13eod. :D :clap:
  13. Baby badger do Sparky ... or extra large? :wink:
  14. This thread brings me back to the question that always crosses my mind when I hear about these things:

    Is there a piece of a$$ on the planet that's worth a $54,000 bag?
  15. What would Bruno say?