What a cracking weekend

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Shiny_pips, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. Back in the warm and dry, after a shower and a bit of a snooze, I've been reflecting on what I thought turned out to be a great weekend.

    Simple training, thoroughly planned and executed, made a little tougher by the weather. Battle procedure up to and including Unit level, with the whole TA Chain of Command mounted and being properly exercised.

    Bring on Annual Camp.
  2. I take it you're on about the RWxY down in Cornwall this weekend? I thought the vehicle moves saturday were defintely a good idea, we needed that practice in order to be ready for camp in September. Although I think the move up to scotland may be a bit of a challenge considering that the regt's vehicles love to break down, we'll probably need a AA escort all the way there.

    And defintely with you on camp, I can't wait. The programme looks really good. Bring it on indeed.
  3. Hoorah hoorah, lets pat ourselves all on the back, you wont get promoted this way, C***S
  4. I don't care, what's your problem?
  5. Don't see why i should tell you if you do not care
  6. :roll:
  7. I miss a weekend and It turns out to be a good one (not that most ain't) Two Of my mates just got back from this and have not shut up about It, and now a thread on It.
  8. Do you lot form a circle and do happy clapping in church as well???
  9. msr

    msr LE

    And what if they do? Poor quality weekends is probably the number one factor in causing people to leave the TA, so why not be pleased they had a good one?

  10. No problem with that, but standing around patting each other on the back in public is a little bit twee. Obviously they are breeding a bunch of cadet instructors.
  11. Some people just like using the internet to express themselves.
  12. I just had my first cracking weekend of the training year too.
    Mind you, I was at T in the Park.
  13. I had a crack at the weekend, does that count? :? :?
  14. On the skull was it?
  15. me too brotha, ace!

    saying that, PT last night was a bit hard, what with the residual Wine Flu from the weekend