What a cnut! "man" steals £315,000 from limbless child.


I have a novel idea to ensure this wee lassie gets the money back that was promised her.

Sponsered tw&t bashing. For a cool ten quid you get to punch this fat fcuk in the face, for twenty you get to kick him in the pods.

For a grand you get to break one of his bones, and for the full £315,000 you get to go 'freestyle', 'medeval' or 'hostel' for 24 hours.

Hell, for the right price you get to pick which 'cell mate' to put him in with.... huntley or bronson?

Here's hopeing he has a really sad, pathetic and, hopefully, painful life... the cnut.

And I, for one, salute Lloyds in refunding the money stolen. It goes quite a way to restoring my faith, knocked so badly, in bankers.
A cunt of the highest order.

Instead of Huntley or Bronson, stick him in Wakefield with Robert Maudsley, the cannibal. Let him lop all his limbs off, see how he likes it.
Banker? probably a fcuking cashier. Still thats why you don't just have one signatory on a trustee account ! And when setting up trusts I always recommend that there are three trustees. limits the opportunity for fcukwits like that fat fcuk to do what he did.

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