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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brettarider, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. Just seen someone cutting about my office in full 95 kit not ironed very well wondering what's the score I've asked another employee who's ex green if he knows what its about (was thinking maybe a lad in on re-settlement etc or gettign trained in a system that getting brought into service) Nope turns out it's a cadet AI who goes straight from work so comes in with his kit on. Last time I was in a det hut it had bogs and stuff to get changed in. Still unless he's trying to impress the skirt in the office it means he's not in predator mode for teenage buttocks.
  2. Careful, he's probably a mod on here.
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  3. Your thread title seems accurate...

    ETA: Play the long game, when he does anything wrong, start shouting about "bringing the Army into disrepute" and report him to the local ACF HQ for being a cockend.
  4. I've bagged a pic of him not a good one to ID him but even if worse case scenario we have toilets with showers where he could get changed after he finished work. I'll post the pic later can't upload it to the site from my phone.
  5. any under 18's at work that he wants to "manoeuvre'" in to?
  6. Would it be fair to assume that he's spent enough time hanging around bogs, fingering and sucking off cadets?
  7. So what? Get chatting to him and put him straight on a few things. Failing that, start turning up dressed in Full Rear Admiral Regalia yourself.
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  8. As above, turn up to work dressed as Field Marshall Haig, immediately give him a slap and send him "over the top" preferably from a 3rd storey window......as they say in south wales......that'll learn him.
  9. Don't have an admiral outfit. Would the one from the dictator do or at push one of Col Gaddafi's do?
  10. I initially misread your post and wondered why he should turn up dressed like a butterfly.
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  11. I've always thought that 'The Rear Admiral' would make a great name for a gay pub.
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  12. How about Lukashenko's outfit? Mind you there appears to be a spectacular absence of medals, unlike most dictatorial figures.

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  13. Beautiful. It would also bring a new meaning to the pump room.
  14. THat's because they don't have a Queen so no Jubilee's.

    They would be interested in sharing an NDM though.
  15. All fixed for you, no charge.