What a cheek !

Travesty gives the BBC's initial coverage of the Otis Ferry / Countryside Alliance 'invasion' of the Commons Chamber.

Being a Torygraph reader, I have a certain view on hunting (if anything I'd do away with fishing for fun). However, while Kate Hoey and others (and the TV coverage) gave the lie to the crap spouted by the abolition types, the Judge went with the New Labour line and found them guilty.

Cnut !.

Now, I wonder which way our journo friends will jump on this one ?
You would do away with fishing for fun!!!!!!!

With all due respect Whiffler you are a complete cnut, do away with fishing indeed...
You must keep fishing. Do away with this humble pat-time and you would end up with degenrates like Freddie trawling the streets looking to cause mischief. It's safer for society to let them spend all day on the river bank.
Judge Timothy Workman said:
The men had denied a charge under the Public Order Act that their behaviour caused "harassment, alarm or distress".

Hold on!

You mean to say that I can now land those chav scum who hang around outsdie my Grannies local shop, or those TGB gits who terrorise my old site under the public order act? Becuase they're causeing "harassment, alarm or distress"..

Now is that a Civil or a Criminal offense?
From the BBC:


District Judge Timothy Workman said: "Your actions caused disruption to the House of Commons and caused some of those present alarm.

"To your credit the incident itself was brief and there was no violence and those moments of alarm quickly passed.

"Within one or two moments you were fully co-operative with the authorities and I treat you all as men of good character."
Men of good character! A mixed blessing for Liabour, who presumably wanted them executed in public for desecrating Bliar's rubber stamp!
IdleAdjt, you are now, officially, in my little black book.
If you actually looked at my rod you would see just how serious I am about it all
I could indeed spend all day holding my rod.

Camp Freddie. Hornchurch Round Table match fishing champion, 1994.
My antipathy to hunting for fun is because my esteemed aged parent tried to get me interested, so I associate it with driven to the country and bored silly (not in a Wacko Jacko way) and having to do all his setting up & unpacking.

Labour will go for the Salmon/Trout bods first, who at least catch things to eat (or worth eating).

You know what they say about Camp Freddie in Lewes ???
Aahh, Lewes. Caught some fine Bream from the brewery area. Or are you refering to the prison?
They're guilty as charged. Period.

I'm sympathetic to their cause, but if they'd got off every pressure group in Christendom would be hatching plots to carry out sanction-free operations on the Palace of Westminster, until someone got slotted by mistake.

Saying that, the "purple powder" incident with the Fathers 4 Justice bloke was far more heinous and was probably genuinely upsetting for our elected representatives :: chuckles ::

The Media are a curious bunch when the offenders are toffs. If it had been Swampy and his fragrant mates then the reaction would have presumably been very different.

They were guilty as charged . The judges comments show that he was sympathetic to the fact they had no real intentions of major disruption. But they did break the law.
As for the fishing debate... The Anti's are already saying it is their next target. It is I believe the largest sport that people participate in.
Be aware that the head of the RSPCA has apparently got /had strong links with the Animal Liberation lot. She never seems to mention this however when she uses the soapbox of the RSPCA to sound like a moderate who just wants to ban fishing because she loves animals.
Mike Foster, the Labour MP who kicked off the whole Private Member's bill to ban hunting with hounds is a keen angler.

Angling crosses the class spectrum and isn't a tribal Old Labour issue. They'll not touch it legislatively, and I'd like to see the hunt sab types try to ruck with some of the heavy-duty, DPM-clad troglodytes who fish on the river near where I live. They'd get their heads kicked in.

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