What a bad hand.

I am in the TA. I did 145.30 days of training last year, 62 of witch was with a regular unit in Kenya. I got NO holiday pay at all, No LSSA and NO LOA. I was with a regular unit because they did not have enough drivers to complete there exercise. The government says that all part time workers are entitled to 20 days holiday pro-rata. But not in the TA. :twisted: :evil:
Stop whining. You got a tan and all the compo you can eat, didn't you? And, if you'd got killed, they'd have given you a decent military burial. Because they care.
Sorry, I think you need to talk to your pay bod, IIRC after 110? days you get a mandatory paid holiday even in the TA. I know of some who have had the 10 days paid holiday so it is there if you can get it sorted.


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Can't see anything about Leave in TA Regs, but I do recall seeing someone mentioning an entitlement for it if you do over 110 days.

Personally, I've never heard of it, and think you'd be hard pressed to get it.

If anyone can tell me where it is in TA Regs, I'd be most grateful.
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Once you exceed 117 MTDs you will be entitled to 1 paid MTD leave for each 12 days worked (therefore 118 days/12 = 9 days leave).

However note that in excess of 117 days needs LAND approval, and that if COs are short of MTDs they will not apply to employ someone who will get leave MTDs...
It has happened before, there's a thread around here somewhere.. .Maybe in the RHQ forum. Use the search tool, or google for it. Alternatively register on Armynet and post a query on there, since Army pay types will be answering your question.

We're all volunteers, in civi jobs as well as TA. If you work the days (and claimed pay for it) you should get the leave, if they didn't want you to get the leave then the MTD's should not have been authorised. Your PSAO will just be trying to keep costs down, and maybe hide a potential mistake that they made.

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