What´s the difference?

I´ll be starting some threads in different areas concerning some questions I have. The reason being that I am rejoining the army after 8! years out!

Did 5 years and civi life has just become a load of crock (No doubt army life is now as well).

Q: What is the main difference between the kit I handed over in 1996 and what I will be issued now?


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It's all eight years older.
Well bloody brilliant. I knew the army was skint but that´s another way of putting it!

Mr Happy

Any of your muckers left in will now by Sgt Majors.

They'll have the Bos, Kos, SL, Telic medals.

The accomodation will be the same.

Any officers you knew won't be around except of course the one you really hated and they'll be your OC/CO.

All the RMP's will look really young

Food will be better, L/Rovers better.

Most of the army won't have been to NI

You'll get deployed with the TA

Your old Bn/Regt will now be a Coy/Sqn
You've joined back up just in enough time to be brown lettered by labour.

Oh, and certain words have been removed from the military dictionary such as "sports afternoon, early Friday knock off etc"
NO SPORTS AFTERNOONS - well, that´s me jacking it in early again! :evil:

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