Whale Wars, LRAD and international waters

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Aunty Stella, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. OK, not military and a bit tree hugging, but I'm curious.

    Just watching my Sky+ recording of Whale Wars on Discovery. If you aren't familiar with it then it's basically about a ship full of tree huggers that disrupt the Jap Whaling fleet. Personally I agree with them but that's besides the point.

    During this weeks episode, the Japs used an LRAD against the hippy's recon heli, obviously having the potential to fcuk up the pilot and cause the very lightweight aircraft to crash into the Antarctic.

    Surely that must be illegal even in International waters, I thought there were pretty much standard laws against endangering civilian aircraft, regardless of where they are.

    Just wondered. Not about to POL the outrage R22 or set off with Greenpeace sticker in hand, but I thought it was a bit off, even for the Japs.

    Fully expect the "you tree hugging cnut" comments but I do actually agree with the Sea Shepherds aims. Personally I'd get rid of the big gay "Steve Irwin" ship and the very flimsy Hughes 300 AC and replace them with at least a Destroyer and an Apache.
  2. I would doubt if the LRAD had much of an effect on the pilot. At anything more than about 50m it's a bit w@nk. It is a great loudspeaker though.

    The Steve Irwin ramming Japanese ships is much more of a concern in my opinion.
  3. oh bless save the whales
  4. It's illegal to kill whales, whether in International waters or not. With the whale hunt, the Japanese Gov't and whaling ships have a tendency to ignore International Law, especially when dealing with protesters.

    IIRC I think SS had to get rid of the Steve Irwin a few months back, I heard that the Tasmanian gov't deemed it no longer safe. I also heard they got a rather amazing ship to replace it, alas, not a destroyer.
  5. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society used to use a demobbed 'Oberon' class diesel sub for annoying whalehunters, but it got harpooned by mistake.

    From their wiki entry;

  6. Agreed, they are far too crap at it.

    A "Nemo"esque nuclear powered sub would be far better. For some reason that I am yet to discover, my pshycy seems to have turned on Whale hunters to the point that I wouldn't really care if the harpoon and factory ships got sent to Davey Jones. Maybe it's because my kids thought that Shamu was cute.

    And according to the manufacturer, LRAD is effective up to 270 metres.

    Going back to the original point, surely it is highly irresponsible, if not illegal, to use an LRAD on a civilian aircraft. Best case being the AC crashes, worst being that it crashes into the ship that is pointing it.

  7. Now that would be ironic. A sort of reverse Kamikaze. That'll teach the slanty eyed little fucking Whale killers
  8. According to the anarchists and students I saw completely ignoring it in Pittsburgh, it is useless at 100m. So again the chances of it annoying a pilot in a machine that is probably making more noise is about zero.
  9. Considering that you know anarchists and students and come from the country that irradiated large swaths of their motherland (good on you for that though, necessary move) , I still don't care. 30mm canon and Hellfire would be more appropriate. Maybe mixed with some DU just to teach their children a lesson.

    And even "annoying a pilot in a machine" can be a bit tricky. Apparently the pilots of the 119 flights were only a "bit annoyed" prior to rearranging the NY skyline.

    It's not like Japs are even real people, they bombed our chip shop (in Singapore) don't you know.

    And Shamu signed my autograph book.
  10. You are looking in wrong place for a bite, I am not a septic and didn't know any of the anarchists or the students. I did know the bloke behind the LRAD though.
  11. You know the Nip firing at the Hughes?

    You dirty blubber eating slanty eyed supporting Whale murderer you.
  12. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Oh look a closet to come out of.

    I'm a firm supporter of the nutters at sea sheperd. And Green peace but not the RSPCA (as their a bunch of PC fuckwits who spend to much time up their own collective hoops. )

    There is no justification for the commercial (or scientific research )killing ofWhales nor any other marine mamals, and I'll extend that to sharks as well even the ones with frikin lasers.

    The Inuit can have their kills at least they have the tenacity to hunt with hand thrown harpoons still and as a first nation people understand the need for balance in nature. As to any other fucker who hunts with a BFO ship and and RPG with hooks and a cable, send em to the bottom of the briney says I.
  13. Of course there is a commercial justification - whales are tasty and nuke-loads of Nihonjin are willing to pay good money for the pleasure of eating them. Shark fin soup is OK as well, and my baby-seal ghillie suit kept me lovely and warm in the winter, as well as well cammed, when I was hunting Bambi's mother.

    I'm amazed to see such outrage; I would have thought such a 'Fcuk You' attitude would draw the admiration of every British squaddie that ever existed. Beside, I feel nothing but contempt for an organization that can't run a sub - even the Andrews manage that.

    I'm surprized the Japs used LRAD though. I would have thought a giant crocodile would have been more up their line, especially for dealing with the Steve Irwin?
  14. I believe there's fairly good whale cull in the Faroes if you fancy having a go yourself - probably on YouTube if you want to watch it. It's grim stuff; very close up and personal if I remember correctly and best not viewed on a full stomach
  15. It is not illegal to kill whales. The Grind happens up in the Faeroe and is perfectly legal. Its traditional, fun and provides a lot of natural food unlike the shite that is produced for consumption in most of the West. There are sufficient numbers of some species of whales to make it perfectly viable to hunt them commercially. I believe the Norwegians are upping the number to 4000 pilot whales next year.

    Most people look at this emotionally rather than with cold, clear logic. They throw their rubbish and sewage into the sea without a second thought and that kills more life in the sea than whaling, sealing and wildfowling combined. Before you tell us to change our lifestyle to appease your ignorance, try changing your own first.