Whale sick

Why not be all grown up and call it by it's name, ambergris! Are we not to be trusted with a decent vocabulary anymore?

My dog finds truffles, white ones, very nice indeed!
Ken Wilman, 50, was out walking on Morecambe beach when his dog Madge started sniffing a lump of rock. He told Sky News: "At first I thought it was a football but as I got closer I realised it was a big stone."

Sherlock fucking Holmes this bloke isn't.
Fucking hell who'd have thought whale chunder was worth so much!
I had no idea.
In future I shall carry a bucket when stalking them.


So the caption on one of the photos reads, 'they excrete it through their mouths' - admittedly usually when my beer rich vom launches it's both mouth and nose - but fook me... Where else would it come out that you wouldn't call it shit?

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i once spent a a whole day throwing up after a particularly heavy session in glasgow and not only did it come out through my nose and mouth, but it also came up out of my eye socket ( a not nice experience trust me).
Ken, who "...has been unemployed since a motorbike accident in 2007..." is now presumably fucked for getting any benefits. A win-win for everyone then.
I have this idea for a new venture farming sperm whales for their vomit. Are there any squaddies interested in investing their redundancy money in this lucrative venture?

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