Whale in the Thames "Boring"

I cant beleive Sky News have devoted all there time to watching a sodding whale swim about in the Thames. Isant that where Whales belong, in the water?.

It would look more odd walking down Regent Street puffing a fag!!!!
I think the whole point is that it is a huge ass mammel....in the thames! You don't see that ever day.

Besides, whilst people are whacking off to the whale, we aren't being depressed by other things....like crime and stuff.
I live next to Battersea Park and I've spent the morning watching this unfold. It's amazing, and tragic at the same time. Sky News said it's only continuing with unadulterated coverage because the viewing public have demanded constant coverage. Cynically, Sky is probably the only broadcasting service able to fund constant "Skycopter" coverage.

It's a pretty astonishing sight though.
be a lot of chips to go with that.

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