Whaddya reckon?

Having done an SSLC/GYC with an AD Regt, and had an excellent time, I am fairly certain that I will rejoin the army after I am dragged kicking and screaming from university.

My question is this; is the grass greener on the inf/cav, or indeed any other arm side-of-the-fence?

Much as I enjoyed my year, many of those I spoke to in the mess reckon that if they had their time again, they would join a combat arm. My Tp were a fantastic bunch of lads and girls, but I always felt that in just rocking up to a position, doing my checks of the wpn system and det admin, there was a certain something missing, leadership wise.

This may of course, just be me. In which case, I invite comment.

P.S. I have chosen not to post this in either the Inf or Cav for fear of being inundated with deranged Para types muttering about hats and bayonets etc, etc. Similarly, I'd appreciate it if you chaps didn't take the opportunity to barrack SSLC types - a much maligned bunch I know, but we're not all big - timers. Promise.

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I think that the pertinent point is that as a GYC 2Lt, your wings will have been well and truely clipped through the lack of trainign you will have had before being let loose on soldiers, therefore your "tasks" such as they were will have been admin based.

You will find that many CSS units across a variety of cap-badges will offer a lot of career choices once you have got RMAS and your YO cse out of the way and got a couple of years experience. In many cases a 2nd tour with a para or cmdo support unit is an option which gets you closer to the inf stuff while continuing to develop you professionally in more than just inf soldiering (which is great if that is what you want to be a specialist in).

My advice is as an ex-GYC in a UOTC you will see a whole raft of jobs out there, and the units themselves are always keen to accommodate OCdts who are looking at a career. Once you have got MTQ1 out of the way speak to the OC MTQ2 Trg Wing or the Adj and arrange a few fam visits. Your ULO will also be able to assist in this.


Ramilles, as ever, is quite right. It depends on you and what you are looking for.

Most infantrymen I have met are either deranged or utterly charming (or Guardsmen and therefore both).  Some of this is down to the style of the regiment, some of it is down to individuals.  I have a suspicion, though, that being a grunt is something you either are or you're not.  If there isn't some small part of you, however well hidden, that wants to get close to things and damage them really badly, then perhaps it is not for you.
I've met a fair few gunner officers who are frustrated infantrymen at heart.

Strange to say I've never met an infantry officer who deep down wished he'd joined RA/RLC/REME/RMP.....etc.
I think you have hit the nail on the head Ozz old chap. I am an infantry man (note poor syntax/grammar etc.) I did have on my choices at week 22 Artillery. Rather glad I went Inf. Doubted the command aspect of gunners. I may be wrong but 30 odd chaps and a bunch of warriors is all rather stirring stuff in the early hours of the morning...
I think Ramilies hit the nail on the head but do remember that no one ever wrote a Commando comic about a chap who commanded a troop of lorries ( I don't think) even if they were serving with paras, commandos etc. I seem to recall that most of them were about rugged infanteers, or dashing cavalry people. Something to bear in mind.


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One additional thought on the subject...

There are many Inf/Cav types who have transferred into the Technical Corps recently. This is partly due to the enhanced career prospects due to the demographic curve abnormalities and partly due to the fact that as a 39 year old Coy Cdr (or similar) the role can be a rel challenge for the knees!

That said, as a Young Officer, the teeth arm types certainly have a very exciting time and are far more likely to practice their 'basic' training from the factory.

Ultimately, Ramillies is right. Think about what floats your boat and go and do it. If you go warry and don't like it, then come back on here and get in tough with one of the characters you trust, that way we may be able to assist in any career transition (this is entirely possible and this would present a very viable and condusive private forum for you to action this!)

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