Whacking off

Well a set of 2nd hand bats can be bought at the bat shop at most courses.
I have a mixed set of bats and all get regular use, I suggest a decent hip flask is a must.
Drinking is encouraged these day, but flask better than tins.
'Bats'? Sticks, Shirley. Regardless, good to see whacking off classified as a sport. How does one win? First to fill a cup?
Just got back from the course. I scored properly, and shot a 96 on a par 72. Very happy with that; 14 of 18 tee shots went long down the middle. My hybrid game is letting me down. Maybe 3 out of 10 shots went remotely well. Approach irons and putting getting tighter.

If I could hit my ferking hybrids consistently I would be about 18 over, which for 5 or 6 weeks back in the game would be acceptable.

Playing again on Sunday.

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