Whaaaat??? Sceptics please tell us this can't be serious!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. Septics, do you mean? If they were sceptics they'd think he was a cnut.
  2. Duly noted and edited.
  3. [FONT=&quot]Oh, I don't know Tone...:? The current Chump-in-Charge, Obummer,, didn't let not being born here in the States stop him from running for president. I would say you have a pretty good chance if you wanted to try in 2012. I find you a personable fellow. I didn't think George W. should have invaded Iraq as the evidence of Sadaam's possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction was somewhat thin, but I appreciated your willingness to back us up in that effort. I even signed a thank you card and sent it to 10 Downing St.

    I don't know about that one, Tone. :nod: The man went on television and wagged his finger at the American public and said "I did not have a sexual relationship with that woman." yet all the time he knew that he had given Monica an excuse to practice her pork sword swallowing technique. What a liar and Bubba was impeached for it. I don't mind Billy Clinton slipping Monica a length half as much as I mind him lying about it and thinking we the people were stupid enough to believe him. No politician gets a pass from me.

    I was sorry to hear of Princess Diana's death in a motorcar crash, but my impression of her (before then) was that she was a "drama queen" and didn't have a lot going on upstairs. I didn't worship at the Temple of Diana and if the recent Helen Mirren movie "The Queen" is in any way accurate as to what happened after Diana's death, Tony Blair should blush at his part in bullying the Queen into turning Diana into an icon.

    He's still better than Gordon Brown tho'... I might read his book when the library gets a copy, but I wouldn't buy one with my own money. Horror!

  4. Bliar is just the sort of shallow and transparent example of style over substance that the Sepos would love.

    They can fcuking well keep him. And his munter of a missus.
  5. From conversations with American military collegues Blair is not universally liked that side of the pond. However it could be that the military is not the best barometer of American public opinion, most of them had a view of Obama that was similar to mine of Brown.
  6. Americans have poor taste when it comes to liking former UK Prime Ministers - Tony Blair, Maggie Thatcher to name two.

    Seems like anyone in authority from our beloved island, who can put together a coherent sentence is seen in awe by our friends across the pond.
  7. With the utmost respect to my British cousins, but as one who really appreciates irony, I find much of this thread and some similar ones previously quite delicious.

    On the one hand we "septics" (all 300 million of us and I must say the term "sceptic" as originally used was probably much more apt) are accused of having no ability to properly judge the character of your nation's politicians. On the other, you (and I guess in keeping with the ever so correct absolutist tone of the thread that means ALL of you) have shown infinitely better acumen in the often quite hateful terms of reference used for GW Bush (for whose presidency I hasten to add I personally do not have an overall high assessment) but literally fawn over our current Lord and Master as if He is the Answer to all the problems of the world....no, I am being unfair....the universe.

    If nothing else, ARRSERs can be quite entertaining.:)
  8. I think I'm in awe.
  9. Shock and awe, dear boy.... shock and awe.... ;o)
  10. I do acknowledge that point by JJH however I will also add that your present Lord and Master reached the Zenith of his popularity before he became president and it was mostly because of the BBC I might add who went out of their way to show him to be the Messiah and they have now admitted their left wing bias.
    Obama is now seen as anti-British amongst this nations right wingers while the majority of his British supporters (Bandwagon Jumpers) have got bored and wandered off. He is still held in high esteem amongst the lefties (mostly amongst students) but he is no longer fawned over. Tony Blair was once viewed in exactly same light before he got the top job but now he's finished he is utterly loathed which brings me to the point Blairs terms have passed and you have mess he made of everything so I cannot see what reasons the Americans have to admire him.
    Except for the slimy congressmen they have every reason to admire him as they hope to copy his style.
  11. You again show great insight. I would also add, again humbly as I have once more been "politely" reminded on another thread today that I am but a mere interloper here, that it just could be that some of the IMHO overdone vitriol and bile directed toward GW Bush might also be a function of the "news" coverage to which you have been subjected? I see similar strands of this in recent posts here and elsewhere of the perspectives some have of our "right wing" militias, god botherers and Tea Party nutters (just trying to save some posters some time) from the tone of the media coverage. Just reading the headlines of some of the recent militia articles would cause one to believe there are armed camps everywhere here in America. Sadly there are not. ;-)
  12. Thats true as well the Guardian especially were the media spouting none stop about Iraq saying its going to fail, second vietnam. etc their still doing that with Afghan now and the rest of the media is following the trend.
    One particular phase amused me must of all was during the surge at first the Guardinistas were squawking that it was a bad idea, and was going to fail, was poorly planned but when the surge was proved to be sucessful they instantly shut up and never spoke of it again.
    As for Bush I always thought that those complaining about him getting a second term had missed a crucial point sure he was unpopular at internationally (which was the entire base of the argument for him not been reelected) but no one over here considered his performance at home. Whether it was any good or not I cannot say.
  13. I think that after the GWB experience any alternative mammal standing for the Presidency was always going to get a favourable reception from the UK press. Simples.
  14. Blair being feted by the septics is only natural. He was seen as a great supporter of Bush on the other side of the pond and is now making a fortune on the talk circuit. We can only marvel at this now but, remember, he got voted in 3 times by the great unwashed on this side of the pond and was hailed as the man who would change the world on his first outing.
    Obama, on the other hand, was seen as the second coming of the Messiah by the lefties and guardianistas over here. However, for those of you a little older, I seem to remember the Labour party and the following press at the time hailing Mugabe as the saviour of Africa and he was also going to be the new black Messiah who would save his country. How times change, how much they stay the same (yeah, I know, there's a better French phrase for that but I can't be arrsed to look it up at this time of night).