Discussion in 'Officers' started by fordrick, Jan 3, 2011.

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  1. Morning Chaps

    After Sandhurst I aim to commission into a Guards regiment, due to the mixture of public duties and operational tours being a particular interest of mine. Having done a fair bit of trawling through the forums I have found information on the Grenadiers, Coldstream, Scots and Irish but not the Welsh. The only post I found said "Welsh Guards officers are typically cool as cucumbers" If anyone could help me discern the true meaning of this statement, or has any information about the Welsh Guards it would be very useful to me in gaining an all round arrse opinion of the Guards regiments.

    Many thanks
  2. I should take regimental officer stereotypes with a pinch of salt. Broadly speaking officers will tend to be similar across the different footguard regiments. In the same way RAC messes will differ somewhat in the detail so will guards messes, however these differences will most likely be imperceptible to those not actually in the guards.
  3. Go on fam visits rather than taking ARRSE as gospel. suggest you pay cash at the bar when you get there.

  4. Yes that is all very well, however my original post stated that I was after the opinion of arrse users on the regiment. I will not treat anything as gospel but the more information I can gain about the regiments surely helps? Also why do you suggest that I pay in cash? FR
  5. Practice eating raw leeks and learn the Welsh National Anthem in Welsh. You could also go onto Welsh Guards reunited I am sure they will tell you where to go
  6. Not had much to do with the WG but the Coldstream Guards were/are a cracking bunch - Well looked after whilst with them. Highly recommended.
  7. In that case, from my vantage point outside the infantry but within the combat arms, I would say that the foot guards battalions (like all other regiments) go in cycles and are particularly strong at some stages and less so at others. Overall though my dealings with them (including 1WG) have shown them to be professionally pretty good, better than some not quite as good as others (this is true for the vast majority of infantry battalions). What sets them aside is their unique household division ethos, this does not necessarily make them better or worse, just a bit different (the same could be said of the RIFLES' ethos or indeed any other regiment).

    While you may consider this a bit of a non-point, you have to understand that the vast majority of (if not all) regiments are good at what they do but each does it in a slightly different way. If you look hard enough then you will find someone willing to slag off any particular regiment for some prior observed misdeed and of course members of a particular regiment will naturally leap to it's defence.
  8. Have you not done any research prior to joining?
  9. Brave Coward thank you very much and I shall bear your point in mind, marcgouj I should have put after AOSB and Sandhurst I aim to commission into a Guards regiment; this is pre joining research. FR