Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bradshaw, Jun 4, 2006.

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  1. Heylo all, im currently in the process of joining the infatry and my chosen and local regiment is the WFR (regular, not TA) was wondering if there were any ex WFRs or serving WFRs about that could give me a brief idea of what the regiment is like, traditions, what to expect etc
    And is it true they be getting changed about and renamed the "2nd mercian regiment" or something?

    Any info would be much appreciated, bradshaw
  2. Well, they're a theiving bunch of tikess that sell arms to terrorist!

    Let me explain.....

    Back in the 1980s while they were based Warminster, one of the arms storemen tried selling 66s to some bod posing as a bhoy from over the water in need of something special for the forthcoming marching season. Anyway, the bhoy from over the water was actually undercover sneakie beakie and the armsstoreman and some other tw@ts were busted and got to do a very long lie-in, courtersey of Her Majesty (god bless her!).

    The reason this has stuck with me is I was on a course of instruction at Neatheravon. Whilst out and about with my young lovely in the village she asked what the titles 'WFR' meant on the soldiers woolie pullies - as quick as a flash and rembering the story I informed her:

    WFR - We Flog Rockets!

    The rest of the course was not a pleasent one after this....
  3. Thet're getting amalgamted so make the most of their existence ha ha !!!
  4. Well I know a lad who was in WFR who got CDT'd and failed.
    I also know a certain lad from Toton who's in WFR and he's a gobsh*te and gets abit of a slap now and again apparently.
  5. Of course your joining regular, if you from Notts/Derbys your local TA regiment is 4 Yorks(V) or 3 Royal Anglian(V)
  6. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    I just can't understand why recruiting is so bad these days...

    With friends like you lot, who needs enemies?
  7. I was in a competiton in Brecon in about 98,along with the PWRR and the WFR's,the WFR's were also running the competiton so have a guess who Won ??? Oh and their RSM carries a branch ! :D
  8. Remember catching the bus back home after a rememberence parade in Notts, me with berret and WFR stable belt. In front of me an old bloke with Sherwood Foresters tie and badge, who then said 'what regiment are you in son?'

    Says a lot really

  9. Thats to keep the sheep at bay:)

    (Regl mascot)
  10. I didn't want to slag off another reg but the posts so far seem to back up my meeting with the Woofers - a slack bunch who seemed unprofessional and inept. Ok, I only met a few but they were taking over from us on ops and made a complete cock-up of it. Maybe the new incarnation with a good dose of peer pressure will improve things.

    Bradshaw - sorry if the posts so far haven't been what you expected and I hope you make it through basic. If you don't like them you can always transfer - there's no shame in it
  11. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    The Special 1,

    Which op?

  12. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt


    I've never heard such a bunch of old women as the bunch above.

    First of all, we might as well accept that pretty much every Inf Regt/Bn is pretty much the same as any other, and like any other Regt the WFR are a pretty solid line Inf bunch. There's a good family feel in the the Bn with a large proportion of the lads coming from Notts/Derby or Worcester. They've been hammered over the last 10 years on Ops (like everyone else) but have, as far as I can tell, always come away with a fairly good reputation. I've seen them in Bosnia, NI and Afghanistan, amongst others, and I can't remember a a bad take over, so either TSpecial1 is stuck in the dark ages (I'd be interested to know which Op he is talking about), or he's a wrong'un.

    A few telling pieces about the WFR:

    - They are well recruited. Retention has been a problem in the last year however as the lads and their families have had a fairly raw deal, moving from Omagh, to Chester (Spearhead, Fresco, AF), then straight to Hounslow. This is not insurmountable, certainly not as bad as most, and I'm sure they'll bounce back.

    - They are, including the 'sheep', a happy Regt. They just get on with it quietly, and generally do a good job (4 Ops Coys in Omagh, a good, extended tour in BBK, and a cracker in AF last year, to name but a few tours completed recently).

    - Attached arms are well looked after and generally go away with fond memories. Quite a few turn up at the Regt re-union.

    FIS wise, it's shame to lose the name, but we have been working closely with the Staffords for the last decade (the whole Division has always moved people between Regts if requested/required) and I think that the whole thing makes for a better package.

    Once you finish basic, you could probably expect to meet the lads in London, go away on Ops pretty quickly, then move to the next base (ask a WFR fella at training to give you the detail of where and what role).

    I hope that your training is still going well. When you are choosing a Regt, the most important thing in my eyes is to go where you think your faces fits, where you will be happy, and where you can get on with the lads - coming from the same area as them helps.

  13. I will agree with DPM.

    The problem is everyone thinks they are better than everyone else. Some are poor, but with the constant rotation of Ops everyone is getting a piece of that all important experience which is making us a better army. I spent 6 weeks doing Ops Company for the WFR when they were on their extended tour of BBK, worked with each company and have to say they were a sound bunch, I would have no problems in doing so again. If that is what you want to join then you go for it and stick to your guns and have pride in your descision and Regt.

  14. my experience is first hand when a full screw took over my rebro in Boz back in '95. He was not signal trained OR have a ticket for the 432. Comms went down after one day. It wasn't a good sign that an armoured inf Bn send someone who is not FFR to take over a major battle group comms asset. The rest of the Woofer advance party were slow to take over from us and were not ready to hit the ground running. I know we were desperate to get out of there afrter a particularly hard tour (lost 5 blokes in our battle group) but its not a case of we are better than them. Maybe my expectations are high.
  15. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    That was 11 years ago, and you're talking about a sigs det! And you were the host unit.

    Get a grip.