WFM-Fact or Fiction

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by acton_rifles, Feb 20, 2007.

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  1. For several years before adopting my current post i was briefed continuosly on the benefits of Whole Fleet Management and it sounded like a good thing. Less time on the tank park doing routine maintenance, more time training, adventure training and sport.

    Now i have seen the reality. WFM is a front to cover the fact that the Army does not have enough vehicles or equipment to fully equip everyone should we be required to deploy en masse. the situation becomes worse with every new equipment as they are purchased with WFM in mind and therefore only 60-75% of the liability is procured.

    if anyone has any knowledge of the Russian Army during the second world war we are fast approaching the point where the front rank are issued rifles and those following are only issued rounds so they have to rely on the first rank dieing in order to get their hands on a weapon.

    Surely it is about time the man on the ground knows the whole truth about the situation! How many guys out there think we have a fleet of perfectly maintained equipment ready to deploy at the drop of a hat?
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    Umm, does the raping and pillaging of the BAOR vehicle fleet for GRANBY spring to mind? We have never had a fleet of perfectly maintained equipment ready to go.
  3. Yes it does and that includes B and C vehicles as well. Some fairly junior REME people made some very brave decisions when they started bolt cropping E&MA's from MBT and the like to make sure there was a WMR of them for GRANBY. And Maggie was in power then FFS and did give a sh1t about the BAOR BEAR - apparently she used to read it every week. When the B vehicle fleet had finished Granby it was - finished! Luckily the Sovs had surrendered so Drawdown in BAOR covered up a lot of the sins of the politicos.
  4. WFM should really be renamed Half Fleet Management.
    In line with the new truthfulness, the MOD should be renamed The Ministry for Expeditionary Warfare.
  5. The concept is noble and if resourced, would work. However....

    The system is fundamentally flawed as has been pointed out, by the fact that we do not have enough vehicles. There is no system of controlled-humidity hangars containing vehicles which are tended to by gangs of doozers dedicated to turning over / maintaining the fleet ready for ops / trg.

    The reality is that vehicles are bounced from unit to unit, which of course raises the problems of veh hand-over states (some go out in good nick / come back in bad and vice versa), which is devisive and labour intensive. It is long accepted that our decrepit fleet of AFVs (when available) only runs properly because of the personal pride that our drivers and crews take in ensuring that panzers in particular are ready to roll out of the gate. I am not sure the same will be able to be said in relation to a contractor.

    At present we appear to get very few of the benefits proposed by WFM (less time on the tank park); rather, time is spent constantly swapping around an understrength fleet of ageing vehicles. And that's before we take into account the fact that once something gets 'proper bent' or destroyed on ops, it is not replaced. As a consequence, the pool gets increasingly smaller and more stretched.
  6. Absolutely. As a former fleet manager I used to break the Rules (Qui - Moi?) and lend PUE vehicles to units as loan vehicles. Although it had to be done (not enough vehicles in the system) I always regretted it. Depot guys moaning about the state of the vehicles when they came back, vehicles owners (often TA) moaning about the state the vehicles were in when they took them to camp blah!!!!!!!!!! The problem was only worsened when they formed Loan Pools. The answer is - have enough vehicles to do the job. Incidentally and for your edification, there was NEVER a pool of Battle Casualty Replacement vehicles .The WMR was to cover vehicles that were inoperative at the commencement of TTW.

    I need to get out more.
  7. The new Support Vehicle will be WFM, and like previously mentioned the scale of 4t, 8t, 14t at present do not match the 6t, 9t, and 15t trucks that are replacing them! It will mean a lot more planning, prior, to enable a Unit to get its transport assets available for an exercise etc.
    I expect, it will run well for 1st few years, but after a few Telics/Herricks and normal ex's the vehicles will then be not quite "tip-top"!
  8. Always the same with you TRUCKS TRUCKS TRUCKS