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Wfie's grandfather

Hallo All

Hopefully someone can help me fill in some gaps in my wife's family.

Her Grandfather was in, we think, the Royal Sigs and we know he was in the Ilse of Wight around 1913 when my wife's mother was born. They went to India and we have some good photos of him as a Sgt in both civvies with the family and in uniform. The place name on the back of the photo is Jalapahore, which I can't find on present day maps of India. I know many place names have reverted to original ethnic names so can anyone help as to location. It may even be in Pakistan now of course.

Secondly we have an issue Book of Common Prayer and inside he has written -

Regt No 21576
56 Company
Mauritius 19-3-10

Questions are

Who are R G A?
I didn't know we had troops in Mauritius in 1910 but someone has suggested that it was not the country but a troop ship.
Any ideas anyone?


ps will work out how to post the pictures and attempt to put them on the sticky site for military photos.


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RGA = Royal Garrison Artillery.
Bombr is an abbreviation of Bombardier (it's the Gunner's name for a Corporal).


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He was a Bombadier (i.e. the rank of Corporal in the artillery)
56 Company
Royal Garrison Artillery

Mauritius was part of the British Empire from 1810 to 1968ish


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If he was serving in 1913 then it is highly likely he served during WW1. If he was and deployed to an operational theatre he would be entitled to medals and his medal card can be downloaded here for £2 The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Search Results I've done a quick search and there are 5 Royal Artillery or Royal Field Artillery (no RGA) medal index cards (MICs) with the number 21576. It should be noted that during WW1 regimental numbers weren't fixed in stone and changed if men moved units. If he was a pre war regular and left before the start of the war (you said you have a record of him in the RGA 1913) it is possible he was called up for reserve service and he may not necessariy have gone back into the RGA, but instead served with another unit so it is worth a look at the MICs. If you have his full service details his service records MAY be available at the Public Record Office at Kew.


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give your local family history group a call , warning please be aware that researching ancestors is addictive . you have been warned grin .
the local FHS are brilliant at helping with this sort of thing . You may even find his attestation papers have survived and are in the Public Records Office Kew under the wo/ series . happy hunting .


I've found his medal card(s). For some reason he has two.
can send them on if you pm me an email address.
Plus I've searched to see if his service record survived but it appears not.
Not all are online yet and lots were lost during a large fire in the blitz plus many that do survive are water & fire damaged.

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