Discussion in 'Sappers' started by staaken, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. Good idea from the Aerial Ropeway string. I guess everyone has their favourite story - the unit I was in (a certain crowd attached to the Booties) seemed to spend a lot of time there - memories of blurks launching themselves into the net above the dance floor at the Harbour Club (Let's hear it from even older folk "Net? you were lucky - we used to dream of 'avin a net" etc etc). The pain of knowing that within 30 mins of staggering back to camp you'd be on PT up and down that beach. Once, pre-Falklands, the whole gang marched back to Plymouth via Chesil Beach. Constant tales of Heavy Ferry launches gone wrong (not attached/no bungs in etc). The legendary whirlpools in the Fleet that would "suck you under the beach". The Matelots from Portland (when the Navy base was there) always game for a fight and their Shore Patrol always willing to "give you a lift back to Chickerell" ie give you a good kicking and dump you up near Osmington. Without your clothes.
    The Ridge Runs along the tents. Blimey I'm banging on a bit.

    My favourite time there was during Silver Jubilee in 77 - bear in mind pubs only opened in those days for what seemed like 20 minutes a day (10 mins on sundays) - this was superb - they didn't close for 3 days (hmm, maybe that's a Golden Memory). You can imagine what larks and merry japes we got up to......
  2. Any former CSB Ops on here who will admit to trashing the mast and centre light and taking out part of the shed roof down by the hard?

    This is a classic, the amount of Operators who take one of the boats out at low tide (or 'lower' than when they bring the boat back in) and "forget" tide rises - shed opening gets lower - CSB with mast up - too tall for said shed!!!

    Back in the early 90's there must have been 10 holes in the shed, does it still happen?

    I admit to being one of the idiots who made one of those holes! :oops:
  3. I nearly took the superstucture off the top of a mark one raider (IE me ) under the craigavon bridge in Londonderry , the only time I ever went to Weymouth , the 11 sqn badge at the time put an 11 o'clock curfew on us and of coarse it was the end of the month ,so everybody was skint ,and the pads went wild and got all us skint singly in the shit :cry:
  4. Now let me see :lol:

    1. Lost a Heavy ferry because it wasn't moored up correctly, it ended up in Weymouth Harbour.
    2. We managed to sink a ramp section of a Heavy Ferry on launching into the fleet.
    3. Had a few Sappers and NCO's up in front of the local magistrates for fighting Russian sailors.

    The best was at Chattenden on Watermanship in the early 70's, the QMSI had just told us not to open up a Johnson 500 too quickly when on the back of an assault boat - then he did exactly that and flipped it over and sunk it good style......never saw him again

  5. Does any 33 EOD lads remember the bridge camp at Weymouth when we had to do a raft race on the Fleet? I think it was 1992? The Regi 2i/c who organised decided to ignore locals advice and start it at the the time when the Fleet was at full rip. Oh how we laughed as we shagged ourselves out fighting against the current to get to the beach. I do believe that a couple of rafts had to be rescued as they headed towrads the harbour. Who was the 2i/c? I remember he had coke bottle glasses.
  6. bridging camp in 91 (i think) with 8 fd sqn. we hit the town, as it was gaz w***th & rodders' birthdays, to get bladdered.

    mission accomplished we headed back to camp to sleep it off but stopped at the chinky for tucker first. don't know how but it was decreed that we all had to spend around £15 on food each to feed the rest of the troop that stayed in.

    stumbled back to camp all the food emptied out onto two table-tops where we had the biggest "all in" i have every seen, sprogs were turfed out of bed & force fed chinky whether they liked it or not.

    still to this day can see "billy's" being lifted by their legs & heads burried into a huge pile of rice & noodles, would'nt happen nowadays but no-one was hurt at the end of the day. :idea: :idea:
  7. I think there was a night club called the " Steering wheel". One night they wouldn't let us in because we didn't have collars on . So we tucked napkins into our t-shirts and they let us in. Dirty women though :)
  8. One of our lads turned out a Richard in the main high st (4 pm Sat afternoon)......his only punishment wos a nite in the cells,and the shame of having to wear a police tracky two piece back to camp....(Richard covered clothes in clear placky bag)
  9. we went to blandford for part of our class 1 sigs (C3S) in 1998 and were told he had to stay in chickerl beach TA camp as they did want us mess with the trainee sigs (women) on their camp.
    so being good engineers we went out to set the town on fire!! had a great time in weymouth and got well and truely lashed up!
    the next day we were in lectures about EW and were all fighting to stay awake and trying to control the beer farts to a respectable level.

    we were all asleep (but a few who) when our staffy wandered in and the WO2 who was supposed to be teaching was sat down ignoring us and refusing to teach until we could stay awake!! hahahahah

    We all got an on the site bollocking and the second we were out of camp the staffy started to piss himself laughing!! When we got back to Gib barracks we had Mad Jack stood their pissed off that we had disgraced ourselves and we had to all write letters of appolagy to the WO2 (what a tart) or he will refuse to teach any engineers in the future.

    still had an awesome time!! and something to tell the grandkids about!
  10. TA annual camp in Wyke tented camp, many a drunken night returned to have a race through the tent lines, hurdling over the tents. Unfortunately some of the other team were a little chunky and there was the sound of splintering wood and swearing.

    CO at the time had a bright idea that we would construct an aerial ropeway across the fleet. It took the Regt to construct it, with anchorages, safety etc. The traveller was ok going across to chesil but a little slow returning, so a WO2 had a bright idea to pull the traveller back with a minibus and some cordage which was wrapped round the lampost. Lampost promptly fell over. Only 4 crossed and then it was strip out.

  11. That was when SSM "punchy" Da***s (best ssm ive worked for)wanted to put a smile on the Sqns miserable face so off we went.
    And he was late back for the curfew he imposed (dont worry fellas it was first parade 08:00 in green kit) :wink:
    Bomber brown (fullscrew-you'll know him if you were there) promptley anti trapped one of the sprs by looking after his chicks purse when he took her dancing by taking a dump in it. :p :p
    Dopey Sid W****n (top top bloke) launching himself of the bridge into the drink outside the boozer :lol:
    And covering the tented camp with "Ive had tommy's whopper in my mouth" stickers. 8) Tommy's whopper was a legendry burger just in case you're wondering. :wink:
  12. During the period 72 - 76 I had the pleasure of serving at Waterbeach. Each year the Sqn would have a summer camp! One week on Salisbury Plain and the following week at Weymouth.

    Salisbury consisted of nothing but map reading, chicken supreme compo and abstinence whilst Weymouth was the epitomy of Soddom and Gonorrhea....what a week that was!

    On the p*ss from the off - into Weymouth for dinnertime discos at the Vic Bars..........robbin' the kitchens on the way back to the tents early every morning.....the 'run ins' with the shore patrol etc etc etc.

    Went back in later years from Chepstow with 'the boys' but it was never quite the same rioting on yer own in town! I was very miffed the Harbour Club was gone....

    Great place and this thread has brought it all back.....nice one Staaken.
  13. Quite recently, a sqn from 39 where down there doing a training camp, urban orienteering in town on the saturday resulted in one of the troops adopting a tramp for the day, the tramp in question didnt know what was going on untill it was announced in the sterring wheel/harrys that 3 3 troop had one "cos theyve brought a tramp", tramp was heard to say "tramp? what fu**kin tramp?". only minutes later the poor street thing was naked getting sprayed with beer on the dancefloor. He was paid a fiver and thrown out when he was deemed no longer useful!

  14. lol that was my troop, and it was me who briefed said tramp that 'we'll buy you beer if you dance on the table, whisky if you do it naked'......

    ...funnily enough all the seniors and officers left after that.. boring c**ts...

    keefy-were you there for this?

    more importanly 10BA09 who are you??? :D
  15. Have you ever seen Jumping Jimmy Thunder ? he is so bad ppl go to see him and as he draws the crowds he thinks he is a celeb He dresses in a jump suit like Elvis and jumps up and down. All his songs are sung to the same tune. Funky chicken and Jack the Ripper. Not sure if he is still alive used to play in the Star and Garter on Friday nights