Weve lost the freadom of speach.....

This appears on the news page of Yahoo.co.uk email:

LONDON (Reuters) - "Top Gear" presenter Jeremy Clarkson was criticised by the media watchdog on Monday for describing a car as "verygingerbeer",rhyming slang for "queer".
In a written ruling, Ofcom said the phrase could offend homosexuals and should not have been used.
Clarkson used the phrase during a discussion with the studio audience about the rounded, two-seater Daihatsu Copen.
An audience member described the car as "gay" and Clarkson replied: "A bit gay, yes -- very ginger beer".
The watchdog said "gay" can be used to mean "foolish, stupid and socially inappropriate, or disapproved of and lame".
But Clarkson's response made it clear he was using the word to refer to homosexual people, Ofcom said.
"This ... meant that the use of the word became capable of giving offence," Ofcom said. "In the context, there was no justification for using the word in this way."
Five viewers complained about the show, broadcast last July on BBC Two.
Ofcom said the BBC had reminded producers and presenters to avoid using derogatory comments about sexual orientation and the matter was resolved.

What hope do we have......????
Five people complained out of an audience of several million - I think that says it all. The rest were laughing along with Clarkson, it's nothing to be worried about mate, you will always gets some jobsworth complaining - it's good to see the level of outrage this has caused on the side of Clarkson and the rest of us.

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