We've got your nobber(take him back)

The predominantly bootneck site militaryforums.co.uk has a chap calling himself sp10122 mailing in and blowing off

He claims to be AAC commisioned after a glorious 7 years as TA intelligence blokey.
Also rabbiting on about 22 etc.

Can you either 1. take out for drinks (he apear to have no life in the mess or friends) 2. Slap him on the ear. 3. Stop him from inviting himself to bootneck reunion type booze ups.

Either its a large bite or the blokes a pillock. Says he's on his trade course what ever that means?

any ideas, remind you of anybody
murkey buckets
no idea. youre welcome to him. a present from us to you if he is one of ours. a bootie site? you lot talk about exchanging womens clothing and giving each other bj's?

I wouldn't exchange my womens clothes for anything!!!!!!!
However if anyone out there has cheryl bakers original velcro dress from the Bucks Fizz classic hit video "Making your mind up"
Please get in touch!!

Met her once in Freetown she was fully lashed but turned down the offer of a warm can of stella! Fell in the swimming pool.

She was with Bradley walsh at the time!!!

I feel some what seen off as the rest of 3 commando brigade were off in the desert watching steps and Ginger gerry

C'est la guerre

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