Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Legs, Jul 31, 2010.

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  1. I went to the cinema the other day with my son (17 and on a weekend off from AFC Harrogate) and my OH. After buying the tickets there was a couple of hours to go before the start. So I thought a drink was in order.

    Popped into a JD Wetherspoons pub. A large poster on the window extolled "Families Welcome".

    I ordered 2 pints, and a large coke.

    Barmaid: "Is anyone in your party under 18?"

    Me: "Yes, my son is 17 and the coke is for him"

    Barmaid: "Sorry, I can't serve you alcohol unless you are having a meal then, and if you have a meal you can only have 2 rounds of alcoholic drinks"

    Me: "Are you serious? We want one drink each, and the 17 year old is having coke before we go to the cinema?"

    Barmaid: "Yes, that's company policy. We can't serve alcohol to people accompanied by minors"

    WTF is that all about then?
  2. Legs, it's all bollocks, the rule that they spouted is designed to stop the chav single mums spending all day in the pub getting wankered whilst young chavvies are running riot round the pub, creating havoc. Mind, you should have gone to a better pub, so it's your own fault :)
  3. My 21 year old daughter (on her own) wanted a cup of coffee and had to show id.
  4. In my defence, it was the only pub near the cinema. Walked a bit of a way to a Chiquitos and had a drink there instead. They didn't object to my son having a glass of coke...
  5. Legs, only joking. I used to work for them, they issue guidelines and the individual pub managers tend to read them their own way, until the complaint letters rollin and the area manager issues an interview without coffee. You'd be surprised (or not actually) how many managers treat the place as if they owned it themselves.
  6. The other day I was asked for ID to buy remegel.

    "We can't sell medicines to under 18s"
    I'm over 18 says I
    "We ask anyone who looks under 25"
    I'm 33 says I
    "Take it as a compliment"
    No. You are stupid for 2 reasons:
    1. I don't look under 25.
    2. You don't need ID for remegel.
    "Its company policy"
    Its insulting. Keep your remegel.
  7. I was on leave from Telic a few years back and was refused service at a Wetherspoons as they wouldn't accept a MOD90 as ID. They're a strange bunch.
  8. Wetherspoons, the McDonald's of Alcohol!

    Surely you have to hand it to them for a little bit of social responsibility which they recognise some of their core visitors lack?
  9. If they owned it themselves, they'd probably consider the profits to a much greater degree. As it stands, they seem to get some sort of power kick from enforcing **** rules. Their attitude almost seems to be that it's a privilege to drink there, and they milk it for everything it's worth - like a short, fat storeman who's been bumped up to lance jack after 15 years on a sick chit.
  10. I have to hand nothing to them, least of all my custom. If their staff don't have the intelligence to tell the difference between a load of chavs and their screaming offspring and a polite, well dressed couple with a polite, well dressed 17 year old then they shouldn't be in charge of the washing up, let alone a pub.
  11. I've run into that problem too. Tried to order a water in the early afternoon, and was refused service because I didn't have ID.
  12. Oh no a pub trys to keep unescorted minors from the premises, who would have thought it?

    Why? A MOD90 isnt an officially ID for drinking in pubs.
  13. 21 years old makes her a minor?
    Please explain your comment
  14. Council urges army drinkers to break the law • The Register

    perhaps we should get a couple things added to the list.
    wetherspoons are certainly a strange bunch, i get ID'd in them if ive had a shave that day, and they do make up a lot of BS rules. main thing to remember though is that a landlord (and by extension, his barstaff) can refuse service at any time to any person for any reason; or even for no reason, and they dont even have to tell you why. some people enjoy their power too much, what little of it they have.
  15. Fact of the matter is chaps, they have final say on who they ID and who they don't. Why? Because they fall foul of the law, it'll come down hard on the actual individual who served you as well as the establishment, IIRC. I'd be paranoid too. (Fortunately, when I bartended, most of the clientele were easily over 40. The few younger ones who did come readily showed their ID without complaint.)

    Is she a looker? :p