Wetherspoons to ban parents with kids after 2 alcoholic drinks.

I've honestly had the tastiest nicest steak in a Spoons, it was an extra large cut, on 'special' one night, we were going out for a meal but decided to stay put and try it. Cooked perfectly (medium rare for me) and so tender. £8.99 with a drink.

I've been to some very expensive steak restaurants that weren't as good as that one!
Depends who's in the kitchen really...I only ever used to order a steak when a mate of mine used to work there....he used do it prefect.

But my best steak in London, ignoring the price was at either Goodman's or Moo Cantina...consistently.


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It's illegal to be drunk when 'in charge' of minors. Wetherspoons aren't doing anything new here, just highlighting the fact that parents shouldn't be going out on the piss with the kids in tow and expecting bar staff to act as child minders.
Especially if you are Prime minister with actual minders and still manage to leave a kid in the pub!
I have to say that the Tuesday Steak Nite is great value for money. I love the mixed grill.

In some towns there is also Lloyds, which is like a posh Wetherspoons. Newcastle has the Mile Castle (or the Milf Castle as we call it), near the station, the Quayside (guess where that is) and the Keel Row in The Gate.


Actually the headline is not "politically correct " A storyline for hacks!
If you don't like it lump it. Easy!
I think, I've only ever been to one Michelin starred restaurant in my life....in Paris....my GF at the time and I just randomly wandered into this place in tshirt and shorts, just because it was close to the hotel, no reservations, no idea it had a star, purely based on Yelp reviews (which didn't mention anything about a star). Even the staff were surprised that we just walked in and asked for a table - was a really good 6 course meal though.

My only accidental M-starred experience food..in case anyone wants to know the name of the place it's called "La Table d'Eugène."



Serves you right for living/drinking near such poverty reeking types

Where I live, at that time the kids are are probably at Cello lessons and the women chat with friends and all look gorgeous
I am a poverty reeking type but chose to do my lifetime carbon-offset by not spawning snot factories (also known as sprogs).

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Wife and I ordered Hawaiian pizza

There are far better places out there.
To save my ears and your sensibilities from the inevitable tirade from my Italian wife, I will not share this post with Her Ladyship.

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[QUOTE="Ryder02, post: 9791307, member: a housing estate that in WW2 was the site where they interred German citizens, mostly Jews

Just wondering why they were buried there? Was that government policy? The truth must be told!

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That's the most damning confession I've read in a long time.
Pah, he's a lightweight. I used to buy pizzas from Pizza Figaro, just off of the square in Richmond, N. Yorks. that were basically Hawaiian pizzas with, shock, horror, mushrooms! And you got buy one get one free there at the time as well, so there!

I just learned recently that that store is still a going concern, twenty-nine years since I last bought a pizza there, so they must be good.


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