Wetherspoons responsible drinking policy

What on earth is this all about?

After marching on the parade today in Kidderminster I naturally wanted to raise a glass.

Dropping into Wetherspoons they refused to serve me alcohol.

For my sins, I took my family on parade with me. As we were not eating I was refused under this policy as we had a child with us.

I was obviously ex service and asked if they knew what day it was!

Absolutely furious, but was I over reacting bearing in mind I did have my daughter with me.

On a more positive note we then went to the Watermill who were giving out a free drink to all serving and ex forces, children were very welcome.
But on any given weekend pop into your local Wetherspoons and you can see the droves of under age drinkers Queuing at the bar getting served .... And then they serve gallon jugs of some blue shit with 2 straws in it ... Responsible drinking policy my hairy arse !!
Mmmmm... hairy arse, sounds like a nice cocktail.
My local had laid on coffee,soup & sandwitch's in the front bar for those passing after the parade.I had a nice pint of Wobbly before heading off up home.
same happened to us in manchester last july-8 adults and 4 kids and they said we couldnt drink alchohol as we wernt acting as responsible adults -what a load of cock !
I got the impression that Wetherspoons responsible drinking policy, was to ignore anyone they didn't go to school with.fat

No waterholes open inside the city walls after the parade, proly the watch commitee working hard as per notmal prog.
Thanks for the comments, I was shocked, still am. Had absolutely no idea at all this was in place until yesterday.

But yes, apparently it is to prevent bored children creating havoc whilst the parents drink the day away.

Very true Joe_P, will stay well away in the future.
But yes, apparently it is to prevent bored children creating havoc whilst the parents drink the day away.
I went into a Wetherspoon's some months ago, for the first and last time. It was, at lunchtime, full of bumscratting, wizened drunks and bloated munters who gorged themselves on chips and burgers whilst the fruit of their scab-encrusted loins ran howling about the place, crazed on sugary drinks, raising Cain.

The only way they could ever be responsible parents would be to give up their children for adoption before setting fire to themselves in a toxic waste dump.
That's a really shitty thing to do on Remembrance Sunday.

I don't know this as fact but I think it may be due to the class of customers many Witherspoons have i.e benefit scrounging scrots, it makes it easier on the staff telling scummy mummy's, who want to get smashed with their 3 year old as a 'wingman' I can't serve you it's company policy.

The pub Was probably being run by a 19 year old with less common sense than human rights court judge.

I agree with the other poster though, I wouldn't spend any more of my hard earned in Witherspoons again after that.

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