Wetherspoons puts limits on parents drinking

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by dan_man, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7170939.stm

    Quite frankly I am glad of this, the times at night when I've seen families with young kids in Wetherspoons when you get the brawling drunken rabbles in of old men, lads or students. Its not an atmosphere that children should be in. I know many of you have kids here, I can see why some people are complaining but surely there are nicer places than a 'Spoons to get a meal at, they really are soulless places with only one purpose, as a primary starting place to get tanked up for a night ahead.
  2. Good
    Pubs and bars are not the place for children.
  3. Absolutely - They should be made to wait outside.
  4. Ah yes, outside with a bottle of lemonade and a packet of crisp. Those were the days!
  5. Strongly disagree with this stupid ban. I occasionaly enjoy going into Wetherspoons for the odd quick cheap bar snack avec wine after work with the team.

    Its rather a good spectator sport watching folk similar to Frank Gallagher & his Shameless family for real.

    Its funny to watch a grown man skull 9 pints of Stella & his wife off her face on Blue WKD at 4pm.

    Wetherspoons should bring in a rule you add the age of your kids together and the parents have to consume that number of drinks before they are served food:

    So a 3yr old, a 5yr old & an 8yr old = 16 drinks

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  6. If they ban kids, who the feck are the ugly people going to trap with?
  7. any sensable responsable Parent would watch their drink anyway, its the feckless that needs their dole stopping and having it spent on the kids instead.
  8. Wetherspoons isn't the problem, it's the Canny Man pub in Bracknell that needs censuring. I once went there for a drink with the Current Mrs Bat_Crab (whilst she was still the Future Mrs) and watched awestruck as a chap vomited into his own pintglass at just past 1600 hrs. He didn't drink it though, so he obviously wasn't squaddie material.

    Ultimately if pikey parents want to have a skinful of strong continental lager and neglect their kids then they have plenty of scope to do so in the safety of their own home!
  9. Never liked kids in Pubs. Oh I suppose there are a few places where it could be acceptable but Weatherspoons is set up for cheap mass beer sales, Boozeingland, not really the place where kids can sit and have a quite lunch with parents.
  10. Don't really give a sh*t as I stopped drinking in Wetherspoons years ago. Tesco's drinks section provides a better atmosphere.
  11. Agreed. Wetherspoon's aren't quiet country pubs where families go to have lunch with friends while kids cavort on the green or the jungle gym in the back. They're sticky, grimy drinking dens with cheap booze who make their money off getting people as trollied as possible. Their target audience probably prefers not to trip over bored, unsupervised kids while they do it, so this will probably be a winner for them.

    Given the type of people who usually bring their kids to Wetherspoon's to enjoy more than a couple of drinks during the daytime...well, you could argue it's discriminatory. But, IMO, once you have kids, you lose the "right" to sit in a pub and get p!ssed all afternoon in the first place unless you can get a sitter. (Incidentally, this also applies to middle-class people in tapas bars.)
  12. Not all spons are 21st century gin palaces designed to keep the poor shitfaced. Where I live in South London, they are some of the better pubs around.

    What about that one in Dover? Its pretty shit by Spoons standards, but its still the best pub in that miserable town!
  13. Completely agree with it, stops chavvy little cunts spawn from running around the table where their fat Ron Hill wearing matriarchs, then crying and disrupting everyones lunch.
  14. Agreed. I like going for a pint to get away from daddy's little bastards.

    I fcuking hate other peoples kids.
  15. Heard this on the radio today.

    Some chavvy feckwit was claiming that toast was a meal.

    I suppose 38 Pints of wifebeater is an aperatif using that logic.

    Sod em. Less Chavs and Fat munters with the One Hip, One Pram, One Oven combo the better.

    Do you think Chav kids have more snot or their nose wiped less?