Wet With Tongue, Please

Evolutionary Psychology reports that men and women kiss differently [ D'UH! ]

" planting a wet one on your sweetie is, in fact, a deliberate step in a mating dance choreographed by millenia of evolution. "

Men and women are hard-wired to prefer different techniques

Women kiss to assess the committment of a mate - is he really that into me? while men kiss as a means to an end - right, off with your pants [ again , D'UH ]

so.. Men prefer kisses that are 33 percent wetter and with 11 percent more tongue than women...

however... 52.8% of men would have sex without kissing while only 14.6% of women claimed that

and, 70.1% of men [ deluded to be sure ] believe that kissing as reconciliation - thought kissing a romantic partner could end a fight..[ 58% of women thought that, too...]

59% of men and 66% of women claimed that they'd lost attraction for someone after the first kiss..

so... there you have it.. further proof that women are 'romantic' and men are simply ' sex crazed '.. like this is news and worth millions in grant money/funding..

file under O for Obvious...