Wet-Weather running tops.


I know there is a wealth of info on google, and I am looking, plus visiting shops. But I would be grateful for any comments/opinions on wet-weather running kit by people who have used the stuff. What they tell you in the shop isn't always 100% as I have found out in the past.

I have used a light top, made from a parachute for many years now but it is a bit battered. No it doesn't keep the rain out, but it keeps the wind off and me warm(ish) and has proved practical, especially as I can just tie it round me waist and it is really light. In really inclement weather I do have heavier jackets, but I find that I don't get the sensation of being able to breathe, I sweat a lot and in short run less and not as well as usual.

What I would like to find is a light-weight top that allows me the sensation of breathing and doesn't asphixiate.
Trousers as well as I dislike lycra, though I do wear it. I am lucky here as when the sun is out I can use shorts, but it can get quite parky at times necesitating leggings.
What's good and on the market?
Thanks for any advice.
Go to Sportshoes.com ( I think its a .com or .co.uk) They have some great offers on all price ranges, from their own Lite brand to Nike, Saucony Montagne etc. It is all pretty good kit, I usually get the own make stuff.
Good luck. Gash.
Try something like the Montane Featherlite Smock, the same sort of idea as the zoot suit (but not parachute material), and folds away into about a fist size.

Good for running and also lives in my daysac/webbing as a nice little comfort item
Thanks so far lads.
Underarmour top? I am out and expat. Wazzat? Where could I find it.
johnboyzzz said:

Underarmour is the buisness, Ive got a couple of tops I use, sucks sweat right off you, and keeps you fairly warm as well. It never fails to amuse, coming in off a run and having steam coming off me :D

Oh and its soft enough not to rip my nipples to bits 8O

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