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Wet Patch Pictures - Selly Oak Quilt and donor crests/badges

Rather than clutter up the two charity threads with required jpegs and confirmation pics of the patches, please put them here.

This thread allows for pics to be posted.

If you have donated for a patch, check back here for a pic of it and put your final approval in a post.

Cheers everyone

I need a jpeg of the Glider Pilot Regt
Reading that backwards it says 'to annoy solIDers'

I and D need swapping...................

As for my REME one, nice one!! (but can we lose the black outline??)


Can you do a Scots Guards badge?



Yes Please
Keep those orders rolling in ...

Quote from the other thread ...

minister_doh_nut wrote:
Still trying to fund a hire car for the fast ball for the six and the wonga for the crab...
Figures to follow when I've got a quote on both

blue_sophist wrote:

Come on, guys and gals ... help a mate, please.
No excuses, we need to moving quite fast on the income here.

All you guys at a Military Workplace ... talk to someone from another Regt/Corps for a change, and give them the "Donate" eyeball :wink:
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