Wet Kit List?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by petekk, May 4, 2006.

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  1. What would be wet kit? Can anyone give a list?
  2. beer, sloe gin, whiskey, vodka, fast gin......
  3. Garrotte, stilleto, ice-pick, suppressed .22, soft-soled shoes.
  4. Call me old fashioned, but...... either kit you have got wet in the course of your duties OR kit to keep your dry kit dry by getting wet.
  5. 1. Socks - soaked in sweat
    2. Tshirt - asabove
    3. Pants - pi$$ed in

    Whats your point ?

  6. Is this for the Muff Divers course?

    There should be a list included with the joining instructions.
  7. If your sexuality was of the 'Commando Persuasion' - 'Wet' Kit might be tea, coffee, milk, sugar..... perhaps a few biscuits?

  8. Chocky powder/++milk powder/++sugar half a litre of hot water (Oggin if you are of the "commando persuasion") and a few leaves and twigs
  9. is this 'wet' kit list still legible? did you have the foresight to fablon it?
  10. Read this blokes other threads, he's a oxygen thief in the making! Looks like a potential AT!
    Wet kit is the same as dry kit but wetter!
  11. I have received a kit list for a recruitment event, which required

    Sleeping Bag
    Wet Kit
    Warm Kit
    Wash/Shower Kit

    - I presume the "wet kit" was a light jacket for outdoor activites, and the "warm kit" a fleece or similar, but i did never find out
  12. Waterproofs
  13. On no account ask the person who sent you the kit list.
  15. OK speedo's 2 sizes too small :wink: