Wet & Dry Routine

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by hexi_harry, Sep 19, 2006.

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  1. I have been pinged to give a lecture on wet & dry routine, can anyone supply me with advice/tips on the major points I need to cover and tips on drying kit. :?

    Any advice would be great. :D
  2. Water is wet
  3. Put your wet kit between your sleeping bag and bivvy bag when you get your head down. That gets it dry a treat. And dont forget. water is wet. Stay away from it! 8)
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Your wet kit may get wet, but make sure you keep your dry kit dry.

    Here endeth the lesson.
  5. No matter how tempting it is to keep your dry kit on after you crawl out of your nice warm cocoon in the morning DONT DO IT!
    Get your wet kit back on and pack your dry kit away for gonking.
    Running around all day in wet kit is uncomfortable, sleeping in wet kit can be dangerous.
  6. When you get wet, change in to dry kit before getting in to your bag. That's obvious to most people. What isn't obvious is that in the morning you have to get back in to your wet kit. This is bloody unpleasant at the time but it's fine because during the day you'll be working hard and will therefore keep yourself warm and naturally dry out your kit with your body heat.

    Trying to dry your wet kit in your sleeping bag is missing the point completely. Wet kit that is wet is not a problem. A wet sleeping bag IS a problem.
  7. Sorry, my fault. Rollmat and bivvybag, thats the one I was taught. Doh!
  8. You also need to consider how to keep your dry kit dry if it is raining when you want to get into it - if you follow me? If there is no hard cover to hand you need to get the poncho up and rollmat down and get changed under the poncho. It may sound obvious but you would be surprised how many people either don't bother or don't realise it should be done. Same in the morning when you put your wet kit back on. For keeping your kit dry in the bergen the best investment I made is an Ortlieb canoe bag.
  9. keep your dry kit dry and your wet kit wet , cos if your dry kit gets wet, you won't have any dry get to get changed into. hope that helps
  10. Excellent.
  11. I only ever pack Dry kit, i've never seen the point of taking wet kit!
  12. Also, ensure that the wet kit is coated in a fine layer of abbrasive earth or sand, that way you get a pleasing exfoliating effect in the morning that makes you appreciate the process a good deal more.

    In winter, ensure that your recruits hang wet clothing "out to dry" at night and watch with amusement as they require hammers to break into them the next morning.
  13. Stick your socks under your armpits. This is all the more appealing if you've managed to walk through a couple of peaty bogs earlier that day.

    Oh and wear your goretex underneath so you're a quiet, stealthy, steely-eyed infantry killer with a soaking wet c95 jacket that weighs ~2tonnes :p
  14. Learn that in SAS cadets?

    Keep yourself dry at all times by living inside a large tupperware bowl.
  15. In MDN's case a very very very large tupperware bowl, built for the human blimp himself.

    I never wore my gaytex underneath, it's a fcuking stupid idea stood in the middle of stanta mincing about with the OTC - who, of course, are even harder than the SAS cadets. And and and this one time, at OTC annual camp...