Wet & cold?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oscar1whisky, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. Now it seems that British troops will be out of Afghanistan in the not-too-distant future, assuming that our beloved government doesn't gift the stuff to the ANA to save on shipping costs, just how much use will the current batch of vehicles be back in UK/Europe?

    OPSEC notwithstanding, just a question from an Old'n'bold, but would you fancy trolling around Tidworth for example in a Jackal in winter?
  2. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    we we did it in recce rovers so why cant they in jackals or do they not have that screen heater pipe you can pull off?

    to be fair despite the fiasco from what I can see and have heard the new gear will work pretty much anywhere but I bet we fail to use it properly and go back to 4 tonners and landys unless due to deploy. too much cost and tech to leave behind to a bunch of illiterate peasants, not that the yanks would want them anyway.

    as to how much we leave it depends on how fast we are running away compared to the soviets and just how knackered the kit is. The marines are still looking for a buyer for all those up armoured hummers they pulled out of iraq but they arent redeploying them because they arent ied proof apparently.

    Fuel costs might be a deciding factor, if the tories keep going the way they are the next war will be fought in KIA CEEDs as they dont make the metro anymore :)
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  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    FFS you f@cking pansy squaddys, try trolling around Saltau in a Mk1 Ferret in January, a Jackel in Tidworth ,Luxury
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  4. See plenty of yeomanry units driving about in open landies hail rain or shine. And I'm sure the ing units might like them for recce or spt coys after all old rather be cold and wet than cold and wet wither sore feet.
  5. Don't put anything past 'em! Wasn't there a very brief period in Basrah where they had everyone driving round in Mitsubishi SUVs?
  6. Ahh yes, fond memories of the old ferret: Smashing me watch using the forwards reverse lever (and chipping me elbow); Almost breaking something in me knee when the gear change pedal suddenly tries to come back and hit me in the nackers; And yes, my ferret would do in excess of an indicated 60 mph; But the adrenaline assisted brakes left a lot to be desired; Dead flies, blackbirds smacking you in the face in summer, frostbitten ears and nose in the winter; Red hot .50 cal cases down the back of yer shirt on the ranges ....... Memories ......
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  7. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    50.cal ?????? FFS mine had a BREN gun, I thought the Mk 2 was Luxury and that still only had a .30 L2A1
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  8. Ferret, German winter, luxury, I used to dream of driving a Ferret, Ferrets were for puffs......

    .........having made the mistake of getting a stacker truck licence I once got shafted to drive the Eager Beaver from Celle to Lippstadt in the cold snap winter which wouldn't end, 1986. -27 degrees heavy snow and bald tires........
  9. How do you think people train for a summer tour in Afghanistan? By doing their MST on the Plain in the winter!
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    They will probably flog it all to the Afgans before they leave.
    That will save the two and half million per vehicle cost of fitting a heating system, tyres that work, engine mods etc etc.... or they may mothball them.

    You can be sure that only the absolute cheapest solution will suffice for our military.
  11. You are correct, Ferret never had .50, only .30.

    .50 would have knocked it over!!!

    My .30 was date stamped 1919 had a cloth belt and was about as accurate as a Bank of England economic forecast!
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  12. Where's Tropper? He invented the Ferret you know.
  13. Didn't he invent all the animals and then have a rest on the seventh day?
    Read that in a book somewhere
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  14. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    That was probable because it's full name was the Browning .30 calibre M1919 A4, L1A1/L1A2 Medium Machine gun, the L1A1/A2 in fact had an improved oil Buffer than the original American Gun
  15. Nobody mentioned hatch rash on Ferret! lose your bleeding fingers if you were'nt quick.
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