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Westminster: The true cost of Op TELIC


Book Reviewer
Funny how life and ARRSE collide.....my son and his oppo, both fifth formers, have chosen to speak on an anti-Iraq war stance in a school debate ( not his personal position he assures me ) and he asked me for a few points which they might make.

I gave him just plain, tedious , boring cold cash expense as one

I recall seeing somewhere an official response to a PQ which gave the cost of operations in Iraq from 2003 to 31 March 2004 to the British taxpayer at somewhere around ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS. ?

I told him that ,rolled forward to today I reckoned TWO THOUSAND MILLION POUNDS wouldn't be far off.

I said that in other words, the war had cost us (so far) the same as around TWENTY brand new NHS hospitals....

Question: has this number been updated in Hansard to corresponding end -year eg 31 March 2005 ?

Question: does that number include the widows/dependnents pension provision made to the families of the 98 British dead thus far ?

Question: does that number include the hospitalization costs of the British wounded so far - bearing in mind that TA wounded will be absorbed into NHS costs ?

Question: in view of US forecasts that their troops will stay in theatre till 2009, has HMG budgeted an additional FOUR BILLION to cover likely British involvment in Iraq for the next 3 years ?

...just a curious bystander......

Le Chevre
Would help if a senior officer or 2 stopped buying Silver Mercedes armoured 4*4 for their CP teams
I heard lots of figures for that one £250,00 for 2 being the worst.

I really respect senior Officers who swan around in their own top of the range Range Rover wih an escort of 3 snatch from Basra, 2 armoured silver Mercedes 4*4 and 4 Biker gang manned 4*4 wagons with MG's on the roof. It really impresses me.....

And spend their time writing 2 page memmos whinging about Lads on guard drinking out of water bottles cos their camlbaks are bust and there's none in theatre spare.
Senior Officers in Iraq impressed me SO much..........

Whinge Over
Will the total incorporate the cost of re-training replacements (both regular and reservists) for those who have left or been MD'd out of the service as a direct result of the overstretch that Op TELIC has seriously contributed to?

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