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Armoured Vehicles

Jim Cousins: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence how many appliqué armour kits to protect the undersides of vehicles his Department has available for (a) Land Rovers, (b) Saxons and (c) Scimitars.

Mr. Ingram [holding answer 25 October 2005]: Currently there are no appliqué armour kits available to protect the undersides of Land Rover and Saxon vehicles. 84 Scimitars have been fitted with appliqué armour and an Invitation to Tender has been issued for a further 100 sets to be manufactured and fitted over the next five years.
Combat Vehicles

Ann Winterton: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what the (a) expected withdrawal from service date and (b) possible total life expectancy of the remaining CVR(T) vehicles including the Saxon are; and whether any upgrades of the vehicles are expected.

Mr. Ingram: The currently planned out of service dates (OSD) for all CVR(T) variants is 2014. On that basis their total in service life will be 42 years. However, OSDs can be subject to review at any stage, and if it is cost effective to maintain or update this capability the service life of some variants may be extended beyond this point.

All variants of CVR(T) are currently being upgraded with the Bowman communications and information system and close reconnaissance CVR(T) Scimitar is also receiving the Battlegroup Thermal Imaging system. Parts of the Scimitar fleet already have upgraded protection and there is a funded programme to upgrade the protection of more of the fleet.

Saxon is not a CVR(T) variant, but its currently planned OSD is also 2014, giving a total in service life of 30 years, although this OSD could also be reviewed. With the exception of modifications for specific operations, no upgrades are currently planned for Saxon.

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