Westminster: Issue of the Iraq Medal

Discussion in 'Medals' started by hackle, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. In view of what people are saying in the Telic Medal - How many are waiting thread, I thought it would be interesting to look at what the Government are telling Parliament.

    (Remember that statement earlier this year that only 46 medals were awaiting dispatch.)

    House of Commons written answers, 10 Oct 2005:

    Quote #1:

    Comment: not all these personnel will be eligible for the Iraq/Telic Medal.

    Quote #2:
    Comment: as with all such statements I have seen, the above notably avoids saying how many medals have actually been issued.
    "Three month timescale" - WTF?


    PS. My own view, based partly on current personal experience of trying to deal with the Medal Office, and more importantly on what I have seen in other ARRSE posts about the TELIC medal, is that there is still a significant problem made worse (as a morale issue for the individual soldier) by attempts to blur the facts. Tommy sees! (Kipling)

    I am not looking for 'bad news' stories for the sake of it, and got a good reaction yesterday to a posted statement from the SoS about Iraq.

    Oh yes, back to Telic Medal, questions have been asked in Parliament as to when the Iraq Medal will be added to the House of Commons Medal Collection. Telic veterans will be pleased to hear that this has now been done.
  2. I knew I was exceptional - as I am obviously one of the very few not to have got mine yet from 2003! 3 months or 3 years waiting list?
  3. Lies. Nothing but sheer lies in the house. How can he be allowed to stand the the seat of democracy and lie to the people there? Althouh a small white lie, it is a falsehood nevertheless. In the forces he would be charged for stating a falsehood yet these people have no-one to be accounatble to.

    This has put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.
  4. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    < sigh >

    I bet everyone else is bored rigid with this but WTF.....served on Telic 1, rtnd UK 5 August 2003....I got a letter in July THIS YEAR asking me where I wanted them to send my medal....last week (still no sign) I was sufficiently enraged to ring the Medal office and after getting mildly heated with the poor cleric who picked up the phone was referred to a Retired Lt Col.....who sympathised, whilst explaining to me that in his book, they'd actually done jolly well in coping with both the move from Droitwich and the increased demands of both Telic and the Suez campaign medal.....he rounded off by telling me that he had waited four years for his Aden Medal and couldn't see what the fuss was about......

    < Minister, everything in the garden is rosy, have no fear....BALLS>

    Meanwhile I learn that my 220 ex colleagues who were mobilised in January 2003 and mostly discharged in September 2003 have had their medals handed out in dribs and drabs at their recent camp - juniors first, SNCOs and officers largely still waiting.

    I don't know if any of those who left in 2003 have received theirs.

    getting crosser now, sorry.

    Le Chevre
  5. Dont know what the medal office is playing at but on orders last night at my unit there was
    a bit about second iraq medals the medal office has dropped a clanger and issued a second telic
    medal to the people in my unit that where on telic1 it then went on to say its an offence to
    knowingly have two medals for the same thing my question was where the fcuk is the first sodding medal
    answer in the cheifys safe awaiting issue
  6. Sorry to have wound up both IdleAdjt and Goatman about this! but I am quite sure they are not alone.

    We all understand that these things can take time. There are more important things than medals. I was extremely patient in my own correspondence which started more than 3 yrs ago with some HQ, before writing to the Medal Office in 2004. I made the mistake of saying in more than one of my plaintive reminders to the Medal Office that I was quite happy to wait until more important medals were dealt with, as long as I knew they actually had my application on file and would get round to it eventually.

    No more Mr Nice Guy! Yes I am personally starting to get irritated about never getting an acknowledgement (never mind the blasted medal) but more importantly, if you are in a position to do something about a problem which you know affects others, then it is your duty to do it.

    Before the days of duty of care, IIP, Veterans Agency etc I was active in a major Service charity and I helped with a couple of medal applications. Frankly the thought of the Medal Office just not replying would have been utterly inconceivable in those days.

    What really grips my sh1t about this is the constant spin doctoring and weasel words in Parliament about '46 Iraq Medals awaiting despatch', 'issued within 3 months of application', 'please be patient as it may take some time to trace your records', etc etc ad bloody nauseam.

    The clear message to the individual is: we know you know we are talking bollix but we don't care, you do not matter and there is nothing you can do about it.

    They overlooked the fact that people compare notes on this website. 8)
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Sod it....text of my email to Soldier today:
    Dear [ the Editor, who I've had the pleasure of meeting on a number of occasions with work]

    I was talking to the Army Medal office last week, seeking to find out when I was likely to receive mine and they told me ‘Soldier’ was doing a feature on their work.

    Although you are probably well aware, you might like to take a look at this

    I served on Op Telic 1 and got back here in August 2003….I have now left the TA and have yet to see the campaign medal. I had hoped to wear it on Remembrance Day this year – fat chance.

    It is a scandal that a LOT of Regular soldiers who were there in 2003 are about to return for their second and third tours without their campaign medal . The level of complacency in Gloucester about this is diabolical. This is NOT being addressed and a lot of serving soldiers are getting very angry about it….with good cause.

    Sorry to sound off !

    Yrs Aye ( me)

    Watch and shoot....perhaps my next email should be to the newly-appointed Managing News Editor of Channel 4 - who I also have an old aquaintance with.....
  8. Until May, my unit (a TA one) had not received any medals at all for Telic or indeed any other operation that members of the unit had been on. We had almost 100 outstanding! The CO being a good chap and coming to the end of his tour got so pissed off with waiting (and he wasnt waiting for himself) and the false promises etc that he wrote to CGS direct. Guess what, we all got our medals in 3 weeks, including long service and every other outstanding item from the medal office! Dont know what it did for his career though!
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Commsgirl -

    Kudos to your CO - although I am told that 'everything is being done' to get our medals, I don't think my Leaders have the bravery to do that.

  10. Still waiting for mine from 2003 as well - any more of the illustrious 46 out there?
  11. It is a disgrace - they should all be ready for Remembrance Day with no excuses.
  12. Just been told my application for ACSM earnt on the Back of Telic 4 has been returned to my unit as a date was missing. At least I now have a case number for my Telic 1 medal. Doesn't help me though............I can never get through to the enquiries office.
  13. Another statistic, courtesy of AFPAA (Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency) Annual Report:

  14. Still in Sherlock Holmes mode:

    Another statistic from AFPAA Annual Report SOURCE

    PS: RN Medal Office already came under AFPAA so their staff would not be included in this figure.
  15. Waiting for Telic 1 & 5, not sure what the score is there. Left the services a year ago I dont expect I will ever see it.